4 Foolproof Digital Marketing Tips

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No matter who you are or what type of business you are trying to promote, there are a couple of digital marketing strategies that deliver results time and time again. So, forget fancy new marketing techniques and settle down to learn a thing or two about the tried and tested digital marketing strategies you need to try perfect before you look any further.

Video is getting bigger by the day, and with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook now promoting video in their algorithms it definitely makes sense to produce some video content. The number of YouTube users recently crossed 1.3 billion, with 5 billion videos being watched every single day, so it’s plain to see that this is where the customers are! Try producing some short minute long ‘life hack’ style videos for Facebook and Instagram to get your engagement up and appeal to the social media users of today.


With over 2 billion users on Facebook and Instagram, it’s not hard to see why advertising on these platforms is a good idea. Perfect for pinpointing your target audience and appealing to the exact type of people who will buy your product or use your service, Facebook adverts are actually quite under-priced when you think about the reach that your adverts will get.

A great way to engage potential customers and reach an entirely new audience, appealing to popular influencers can give your digital marketing strategy a huge boost. Find bloggers and online personalities that would enjoy your product or service and you will have instantly found a whole new audience that fits your target demographic perfectly. Whether it’s sending influencers some samples, treating them to a fun day out to try your product or just managing to get advertising space on their websites or blogs, you need to get these people talking about your products to create a bit of a buzz.

As always, you can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if the actual content you are producing is rubbish, nothing is going to stick. You need to put your heart and soul into everything you do, and spend time producing a few pieces of really valuable content for your customers or potential customers instead of simply throwing out hundreds of awful ideas. A relationship with a potential customer can take time, so you need to be honest, fun and informative to really grasp their attention quickly.

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