4 (More) Quick Ways To Improve Your Social Media Profiles

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We know that you have a thousand things to do in a day as a social media or digital marketer, but take 15 minutes out of your day to make these 4 (more) quick tweaks to your social media profiles and you’ll save yourself hours of time down the line.

1. Fill in every one you can
Different social media platforms give you different fields of information to fill in to set up your profile. Make sure that you’ve filled in every single field possible and given all of the relevant information that your audience needs to be informed or get in touch with you. Make sure that your phone number, address, business hours, goals, website, about section and email address is filled in and up to date to get the most out of your profiles. If you leave any of these blank, you may look unprofessional or even lazy.

2. Test your links
This may sound simple, but it’s crazy how many brands and businesses don’t check the links that they are posting. Take a few seconds to go through all of your clickable links on your social media platforms and make sure they are taking you where you are meant to go. As a rule of thumb, check each link that you post in a status update or blog each time you post something new too.

3. Pin your best work
Many social media platforms allow you to pin important posts to the top of your profile for all to see, so why not get the most from this feature and use it to regularly showcase the important things you want to share. Big updates, changes and announcements are ideal for pinning, just make sure you update these pins constantly and change them to something new if the old post is out of date.

4. Check your tags
A lot of brands forget to check their tagged posts and photos, resulting in incorrect information being spread around, or even inappropriate photos or posts popping up when someone searches your handle. You can check your photo tag settings on various social media platforms to see what you’ve been tagged in, who can see your tags, approve tagged photos before they appear, remove unwanted tags and restrict who can be tagged in photos to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

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