5 Tips To Help With Your Instagram Marketing Game

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Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media out there, and with the emphasis on beauty and aesthetics, it’s a great way for you to really create a nice image of your business or services to share with your customers. From an eye-catching photo of your products in action, to a sneaky behind the scenes snap added to your Instagram-story, there are plenty of ways to get engagement and business using Instagram.


1 – Consistency
Now this tip doesn’t work for all types of business, but if you really want to create a strong brand identity, then consistency is key. Try choosing a consistent colour palate for your business, brand or even just a particular promotion. This will help to tie all of your Instagram posts together and it also means that customers or potential customers will know that a post on their feed is yours before they even see your brand’s name. You can also play about with always using the same font, laying out your captions in the same way or always including your logo for easy identification.

2 – Use hashtags
Not just for Twitter, hashtags can be extremely effective on Instagram and they are a great way to help new customers find your business. Try thinking about what specific hashtags apply to your business and don’t go overboard or be too vague, or your products and services may be irrelevant.

3 – Have fun
Sometimes businesses get too serious when it comes to social media, always portraying a corporate image that is a bit boring and unengaging. It’s often a good idea to forget the facts and figures for a bit and have some fun, showing people behind the scenes of your business or posting funny captions. The Instagram stories function is great for this, and snaps will be deleted after 24 hours.

4 – Repost
Reposting another brand’s images that you find interesting or even a customer’s image of your product being used is a great way to build friendships online. Not only does it show off how real people are using your products or services, but it also lets other businesses know about your business, which is great for everyone.

5 – Add a link to your bio
We all know that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links in the captions of your pictures, so why not get around this by posting a link in your bio? You can always let people know that the link is there in the caption, of your image.


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