5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads With Specific Targeting

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1. Know what your customers are interested in.

You can target Facebook users who have shown an interest in or even like pages related to a subject. This is called interest-based targeting.

You might be holding a charity football event in west London and need some people to come and support, so targeting people who support a local football team in the area might be a good place to start!

There are thousands of different interests that exist in this section, so go and have a play!

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2. Combine age and gender with where people live.

Rather than just targeting your Facebook Ad at a specific area, why not try adding age groups and gender to the mix. This is a great tool because you can really narrow down where your ad can be seen and by whom. For example if you own a women’s clothes shop in Kingston selling trendy clothing, you could target you advert at women aged between 18- 35 who live in Kingston!

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3. Target people by industry or occupation.

You might have a product or a service that is ideal for people who work in a specific industry. You can target people with specific job titles or who work in a specific industry like ‘Sports and Media’ or ‘Education’

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4. Find friends of people who might be celebrating a milestone

Target friends of people who have a upcoming birthday or anniversary who will be looking to give their friends a nice birthday treat. Alternatively maybe you have a function room for hire and want to put an advert in front of people who are looking to put on a surprise party for their friend!

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5. Target people who love to shop 

It makes much more sense to target online buyers with many lifetime online purchases than just to any random person who you know nothing about. So targeting to people who you know like to spend money online, and combine that with all of the above, and you really could be looking at getting yourself some brand new customers!

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How Targeted Facebook Ads Can Benefit Your Business

If you need any more information about Facebook advertising or any advice on other aspects of marketing then please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to help.

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