APRIL 14th 2021

The Bright Click

You can reach your ideal customers anywhere, fact.

With a marketing strategy, a digital presence, and a website, that is exactly what you will do. Reach. Your business and your brand are presented to potential clients and in 1/10th of a second, an impression is made. An impression that can and will sway this individual to purchase from your business in the future, or not. 

To purchase or not to purchase, that is the question? 

How do you as a business influence that purchasing decision? 

Marketing basics, that’s how. Enter the 4C’s of Marketing Communication framework (Jobber and Fahy, 2009).

As a business or a marketing team, there is an abundance of marketing communications tools available to reach those potential customers. That said, before you start making use of these tools, you must have a knowledge of who your customers are as well as a thorough communication strategy in place, one that ticks some very important boxes. Focusing your marketing efforts on reaching your customers without thinking about the 4C’s and its application is an ‘all the gear, no idea approach’ and best avoided. By developing a clear communication strategy from the outset that satisfies the 4C framework, your business will be in an effective brand position.

1. Clarity

Simplicity is underrated. 

A simple, clear, and concise message is the golden key. 

The customer should be able to deduce quite quickly what it is you are trying to say and should be able to understand your message. 

In 1/10th of a second, your offering should be clear. 

Stand out! Be an industry expert; a market leader; offer a solution to a problem but do it quickly and do it efficiently. 

2. Consistency

A potential customer is soon to embark on a journey with your business and will have numerous interactions (touchpoints) with your brand and business along the way. It is important to ensure that the messaging you are putting out to the world is echoed throughout the journey and remains consistent at each touchpoint. Your brand should resonate in the mind of your employees and clients alike; representatives of your business living your brand and your customers recognising it.

Your consistency reinforces your identity.

3. Credibility


Your customer needs to believe your message. 

Your future customer has a perception of your brand and an expectation of your offering – as a business, you need to live up to and exceed both. 

The more credible your business, the greater the success. Go ahead and boost your credibility! Share reviews and testimonials of your business. Shout your expertise and past client experience from the rooftops. 

4. Competitiveness

Many, many organisations have similar products and services and are on your doorstep. Your unique selling point and your competitive edge will be a contributing factor in swaying a potential customer’s decision-making process. For the purposes of the framework, the letter C did a good job of keeping it consistent but if it were up to me then number 4 would be ‘Uniqueness‘. 

What makes your brand unique? 

What puts your business ahead of the competition? 

Why should a customer choose you?

The 4C’s of Marketing Communications framework is just one of many frameworks used by marketers in planning and implementing marketing comms. It is a guideline of checkboxes to ensure your messages reach your future clients in the most effective way possible. 

Need help sorting through the clutter? 

Contact our team of experts at The Bright Click who will effectively use this framework and others to execute your organisation’s marketing strategy in a clearconsistentcredible, and competitive way. 

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