Are You Implementing The Three M’s In Your Marketing Strategy?

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A few years ago, I was sat with someone at an event and was discussing a potential target audience for a campaign I was looking to run to attract new website customers to the business.

I mentioned that my plan was to send them some ‘lumpy mail’ – I was going to cherry-pick twenty potential customers based on a number of criteria and send them a box in the post.

In the box would be a The Bright Click branded notebook and pen, a personalised letter signed by me personally, and the opportunity for them to scan a QR Code to visit a bespoke YouTube video, where I had audited their existing website and pointed out areas that I felt could be improved.

I’d been thinking about this approach for a while and welcomed the opportunity to discuss it with the person I found myself sat next to – a seasoned marketer himself, who had retired a few years previously.

He looked shocked.

I asked him why and his reply was “You’re a digital marketing agency, it doesn’t look very good to be sending out ‘snail mail’ to an audience that you’re trying to persuade to use your digital marketing services – it flies in the face of your core offering”.

Now it was my turn to be shocked.

Because at the heart of every great marketing campaign lie the Three M’s.

Market. Message. Media.

Now I knew my target market – and one of the things I knew for sure about this specific market was that they didn’t respond particularly well to emails or digital advertising.

But their customers did.

So to convince them that their customers would respond well to a shiny-new, SEO-optimised, user-friendly website that looked amazing on a smartphone, I needed to contact them in a way that they were best able to receive what I had to tell them – my message.

So I used the media that I thought would not only make the most sense for them to receive, but would also have the biggest impact – and even if they weren’t ready to go ahead at that point, everyone likes a free notepad and pen, a reminder of The Bright Click that would be sitting on their desk for at least a few weeks afterwards.

Here’s the thing – marketing takes on many forms, you’ve just got to know who you’re marketing to, hone your message, and deliver it in the most efficient way.

Analogue and Digital Marketing can live happily side-by-side – they’re not mutually exclusive – and this campaign was a great success that I’ve since repeated many times and am still replicating today.

Want to chat about defining your audience and how best we can reach them? Book your free strategy session with me today and let’s get the ball rolling.


Matt (the fourth ‘M’)

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