Are you utilising email marketing? Here is our top 5 tips to up your game

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Email marketing has come a long way from its heyday. Cultivating lists of engaged subscribers is not an easy thing to do, but can be extremely effective in building your brand’s reputation and ultimately boosting sales. It has been around since the dawn of electronic mail, and has become a much more complex affair than it used to be, but it doesn’t have to be to get results.

Getting an audience engaged with your industry expertise, and familiar with who you and your brand are is extremely important in informing lasting bonds with clients and customers. But bombarding them with ‘hard sell’ emails can often lead them to unsubscribing.

If you are just developing lists from an Outlook account, then you should really think about using a CMS. We use Mailchimp, because it is affordable, extremely effective, and gives very digestible metrics that you and your team can analyse.

Advice over sales

Not all emails should be for a ‘hard sell’, offer emails that are informative and allow your company to portray themselves as the expert. A big flashy ‘BUY NOW’ button isn’t all that attractive.

Solve specific problems within your newsletters.

This could come in the form of a product review, a product comparison, or an informative video on a specific issue that many of your prospective clients may face. Be the answers to their questions. 

Be original, and don’t be too formal.

People don’t want to read corporate tosh, people buy charisma and knowledge. So flex that creative side and be yourself. Get out of the box, kick the box, tell the box you’ll never see it again and move to a new life in Barbados. 

Ensure your emails have a goal.

What do you want your readers to do? Watch a video, register for a free SEO site health check, join your social media group. Ensure that you understand how well you have achieved the goal by keeping your eye on the performance metrics. 

Format your emails for people who skim your content.

If you have read all of this content word for word, and not just focussed on the emboldened font, then I have done a good job at copywriting. Short, succinct, and satisfying.

Email marketing has come a long way, and still has a long way to go. It has proven itself again and again to be a super effective way to keep people in the loop, engaged, and curious about what’s around the corner. 

So stay curious, and stay engaged, 

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