Auto-responder Campaigns

Auto-responder campaigns

Auto-responder campaigns are an amazing tool for capturing the details of potential customers and staying in their minds with a series of well-crafted emails that are triggered once a potential lead has filled in a form on your website. A typical example might work like this:

  • A targeted Facebook Advert advertises a special offer to your chosen demographic – for example ‘The Top Ten Things To Be Aware Of When Selling Your Car’
  • This advert points at a dedicated page on your website – for example
  • On this page is a compelling call-to-action offering the exclusive download in exchange for a name and an email address
  • Once the form is filled in, the user is sent an email asking them to confirm their email address in exchange for the download
  • Once the email is confirmed, the user receives a link to the download by reply
  • A couple of days later they receive another email automatically – perhaps offering help or advice or another special offer
  • A few days after this they receive a further automatic email – perhaps offering a deal or a strong deadline-driven call-to-action
  • You also have the option of manually emailing these customers since they have officially opted-in – also they have the option to opt-out at any stage if they so wish

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