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23% increase in Reach on the Facebook account

80,000+ reach on the Facebook account

283 additional targeted followers

44% email open rate

Day Morris – Social Media Marketing Case Study


The Bright Click have worked with Day Morris since 2018 with a plan to fully manage their social channels to increase engagement, local brand awareness and most importantly get new property instructions.

Day Morris are an Estate Agent with offices in Hampstead and Highgate, independently owned Day Morris was formed in 1989 by two of Hampstead’s most respected property professionals, Steven Day and John Morris. Under their guidance the company has continued its growth on the following principles: Be the best at what we do! Be open, honest, and fair to all parties! Go the extra mile!

Online presence for business has grown exponentially, so trying to make a business standout can be a challenge, especially in the Property Industry as many agents now have a social presence and use it daily to promote their business and services.
Day Morris asked The Bright Click to fully manage their social channels to improve their online presence, promote their business and services, and ensure local brand awareness.

Our Strategy:

Content Generation, Social Management, Google My Business Optimization, Google Adverts.


Targeting the correct local audience to increase brand awareness and property instructions via their social channels. Promoting competitively using Google ads to gain instructions. Getting the Day Morris Team involved in creating in-house/local content, with them having little understanding of using social channels to promote a business.

With Day Morris having little knowledge of social in general and how it can promote their business, we needed to show how using these channels would help to engage with their customers. Also, how we could use social and Google for advertising, maintaining a local brand presence, help to attract new customers, get instructions, customer feedback and build a following.


Posting engaging content to their social channels, using Google ads/GMB and getting Day Morris involved with in-house and local content.

  • Post engaging content and property videos to their YouTube and social channels/getting the team to send internal content over and doing competitions to gain followers/brand awareness.
  • Utilise SEO to get new instructions using Google adverts.
  • Posting monthly blogs, showcasing their expertise within the local area and publishing content to make sure Google knew the areas to target.
  • Enhance/optimise their Google My Business listings – monitoring calls received via GMB.
  • Sending monthly stats.


We initially used social with no boosted posts or adverts to promote their business locally, this did showcase their business and resulted in a small amount of engagement. Unfortunately, Day Morris were not very involved in sending internal content (this works more than general content as it shows a human and personal side to a business.) We produced and then posted monthly blogs to their site and engaged customers with some competitions using a budget for these – the views and engagement on these worked very well. We used Google adverts to promote the business, again this did increase web traffic and local awareness, as well as valuation requests. We also optimised their local Google My Business and Bing Places profiles, posted fresh daily content to engage with customers and increase views, we were also able monitor calls received to the Hampstead and Highgate branches via the Google My Business / Bing Places dashboards.

After working with Day Morris for over two years and with lockdown having an effect on Estate Agents as well as many other businesses, they contacted us to discuss the value of what we do for them. We had previously sent monthly stats over to the client saying we would be happy to discuss these further, unfortunately, Day Morris did say they did not look at these as they did not fully understand them.

To this effect, we set-up a Zoom call with them and discussed actually adding a small amount of PPC budget to the content that we produce within the retainer, especially the videos and blog posts. To allow for us to do this, we went from posting content daily to 2/3 times a week.

We also decided to set-up a monthly Zoom call to discuss the stats in person rather than just sending these as a document each month.


“We were recommended to The Bright Click as the ‘go to company’ to create our new website for which they did an outstanding job. Their effort and attention to detail were greatly appreciated and nothing was too much trouble. Since then our relationship has grown and as well as maintaining our website, The Bright Click now handle all our social media and digital marketing. Matt, Tara and the team are very hands on, and their constant stream of ideas to keep us in the public eye are very much appreciated. We are not the easiest of clients and we are, dare I say it, not historically tech savvy but fortunately for us, The Bright Click’s proactivity, persistence and perseverance, keep us in the modern age and we are greatly aware of the contribution they make to our ongoing success”

David Price




One competition was a collaboration with a local restaurant, this had some good local engagement and is also a great way to also get local brand awareness.

As you can see by adding a £10 boost to the weekly videos we post to social and their YouTube channel, the reach and website views increase massively against the ones with no budget. The 10 videos we have currently posted and boosted have resulted in over 100 website clicks and an impressive 17,000 + reach.

We discussed also adding budget against the monthly blog post, again the difference in reach is very impressive. Adding the budget to these posts has also resulted in a week on week increase of reach and engagement on all social channels.

Google My Business:

Using the information on GMB, we can also relay calls received to the Hampstead and Highgate branches from customers directly from their listing. Highgate had 37 calls during the last quarter.

Day Morris have found the monthly Zoom calls a better way for us to relay information of how social is working for their business. What it has shown The Bright Click is customers need to fully understand what is working for them and sending a monthly email with this information is not always going to work. This is especially the case with clients who do not have a good an understanding of social media and how it works in general, (that’s what we’re here for :-)).

So, we were able to change the social marketing plan for the client and schedule monthly calls that allows us to show the increase in post and general reach, website views, direct branch calls, by using this method we know Day Morris have a full understanding of this information, and can continue to evolve our relationship with them.