4 Digital Marketing Tips For Christmas

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When it comes to digital marketing, Christmas is a real gift as it provides you with endless opportunities for festive content whether it’s competitions, recipes, mailshots, free gifts with orders or just appealing to people’s good mood around this time of year. If you sell a physical product, Christmas is also a great time of year to up your digital marketing game as your product could be the next big Christmas present that everyone is clamouring after.

So, what can you do to capitalise on Christmas? Follow our four digital marketing tips below:

Because social media and the internet in general is so visual, it’s important for you to give your email signatures, cover images, logo and profile pictures a bit of a holiday makeover. Using festive colours, images and themes shows that you’re current, active and up to date, it also inspires others and becomes a talking point for your followers or potential follows.

It makes sense that around Christmas time online searches for Christmas recipes, gifts and décor increase big time, so why not jump on the band wagon and produce some Christmas themed content for your followers and customers to enjoy. Not only will they be more likely to come up organically in searches, but they are also more likely to be shared online by other festive enthusiasts. Content ideas include Christmas gift lists, Christmas eve recipes, present wrapping guides and crafty ideas to try out; the more relevant you can make the blog posts to your product, service or sector, the better!

You don’t have to spend all of your Christmas holidays glued to your phone and laptop, instead you can use scheduling apps such as ‘Hootsuite’, ‘Post Planner’ and ‘Buffer’ or even Facebook’s inbuilt scheduling feature to queue up all of your festive content and then relax in the knowledge that your followers are being provided with timely, relevant social media posts without having to lose out on having some fun yourself.

It’s Christmas time, which means that your customers will be buying loads of gifts, spending lots of time searching online and generally consuming loads of different products and that is why it’s important for you to get personal. In order to really stand out to your consumers there are a few different things you can do to keep your name in their minds. Whether it’s including a personal handwritten note in packaging, sending a surprise free gift or just getting more creative with the packaging with different paper and string, making something beautiful is also a great way to get people posting pictures of your products online! Just make sure include a hashtag for ultimate exposure

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