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4 (More) Digital Marketing Tips For Christmas

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Christmas is the ideal time to have a bit of fun when it comes to digital marketing and there are so many different ways that you can do that through everything from festive cover photos and competitions to basing your content around the holidays. We have already covered a few tips and tricks to help get your digital marketing plan ready for the festive season in a previous post, so why not keep reading for a few more great ideas?

It just makes sense that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more popular Christmas themed words get in terms of searches and clicks Therefore, it’s important for you to use seasonal PPC words in your website and social media content. For example, it just makes sense that more people are searching for ‘Christmas party ideas than simply ‘party ideas at this time of year. Try and think of any possible way that your products or services apply to Christmas and boast about that fact through blog posts and social media posts to get as much exposure as possible.

With all of the talk of Christmas trees and Christmas presents, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t alienating other holidays and practices as well. Don’t go too overboard on your Christmas marketing or you risk putting off those who don’t celebrate the holiday at all, or try using ‘winter’ or ‘the holidays’ to cover all of your bases.

What with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas this is a great time of year to get new customers and to try and get customers coming back at other times of the year as well as giving you an opportunity to give something back to loyal customers. Try including a coupon or voucher that is valid in January with every purchase, or include a free stocking filler to show good will. Free postage and free returns for the month of December is also a good way to encourage customers or potential customers to give your products a try.

Christmas is a nice time for you to show people online what you’re all about, and that’s why it’s ideal for you to get a bit more candid with what you are posting on social media. Just because you run a business, it doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time, try posting some photos from the office Christmas party, or show a quick behind the scenes video of how your products are made to let customers know that you are real people. This helps to create a lasting impression with people that makes you memorable and relatable.

4 Digital Marketing Tips For Christmas

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When it comes to digital marketing, Christmas is a real gift as it provides you with endless opportunities for festive content whether it’s competitions, recipes, mailshots, free gifts with orders or just appealing to people’s good mood around this time of year. If you sell a physical product, Christmas is also a great time of year to up your digital marketing game as your product could be the next big Christmas present that everyone is clamouring after.

So, what can you do to capitalise on Christmas? Follow our four digital marketing tips below:

Because social media and the internet in general is so visual, it’s important for you to give your email signatures, cover images, logo and profile pictures a bit of a holiday makeover. Using festive colours, images and themes shows that you’re current, active and up to date, it also inspires others and becomes a talking point for your followers or potential follows.

It makes sense that around Christmas time online searches for Christmas recipes, gifts and décor increase big time, so why not jump on the band wagon and produce some Christmas themed content for your followers and customers to enjoy. Not only will they be more likely to come up organically in searches, but they are also more likely to be shared online by other festive enthusiasts. Content ideas include Christmas gift lists, Christmas eve recipes, present wrapping guides and crafty ideas to try out; the more relevant you can make the blog posts to your product, service or sector, the better!

You don’t have to spend all of your Christmas holidays glued to your phone and laptop, instead you can use scheduling apps such as ‘Hootsuite’, ‘Post Planner’ and ‘Buffer’ or even Facebook’s inbuilt scheduling feature to queue up all of your festive content and then relax in the knowledge that your followers are being provided with timely, relevant social media posts without having to lose out on having some fun yourself.

It’s Christmas time, which means that your customers will be buying loads of gifts, spending lots of time searching online and generally consuming loads of different products and that is why it’s important for you to get personal. In order to really stand out to your consumers there are a few different things you can do to keep your name in their minds. Whether it’s including a personal handwritten note in packaging, sending a surprise free gift or just getting more creative with the packaging with different paper and string, making something beautiful is also a great way to get people posting pictures of your products online! Just make sure include a hashtag for ultimate exposure

How The iPhone XS And XR Will Change The Way We Do Digital Marketing

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Apple have just held their annual event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California and while the news that they announced wasn’t as ground-breaking as some tech lovers would have liked, the changes and announcements will definitely have an impact on how we view and make content with our smart phones and, ultimately how we do digital marketing.

Apple announced the iPhone XS in two sizes, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘Super Retina’, this is the best screen we have ever seen on an iPhone, and the A12 Bionic, is the smartest, most powerful chip in any smart phone; not to mention the fact that the bigger size of iPhone contains the biggest screen ever seen on an iPhone. With advanced Face ID and a breakthrough dual-camera system with Depth Control, the new iPhone XS is all about the aesthetics of what we see on screen and how we can take the most vivid, crisp and clear photographs with the camera in our pocket.

As well as the iPhone XS, Apple also announced the release of the iPhone XR, with the ‘R’ standing for ‘Retina’, a more budget-friendly iPhone option with the same full screen but in a slightly less high-quality Liquid Retina form. Basically, the iPhone XR means that those who want most of the same features as the XS but don’t need it to be the VERY best in the industry can have the best of both worlds for a reduced price.

The third announcement that Apple made at their latest event was the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, a fundamentally redesigned Apple Watch with the largest Apple Watch display yet. There is also a focus on health with updated features to help users stay active, healthy and connected as well as advanced heart monitoring capabilities.

So, how will this new technology affect how we do digital marketing? With such a big focus on increased and improved screen size, display and photography features, it means that those who don’t want to splash out on a photographer to take images for their digital marketing plan can simply use the tools their iPhone provides to take pictures that are every bit as good as those taken with a DSLR. We expect to see lots of small businesses using the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR to take their own photographs on the go, so it is important to factor in more photographs to your digital marketing plan. With phone speeds and photography improving, it will also more than likely increase the use of Instagram and Snapchat so it is worth investing more time on these platforms too.

Summer trends for digital marketing

4 Summer Trends For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is often so intrinsic that we don’t really notice it anymore. Brands are all over the internet from social media pages to adverts, and often the different types intermingle so much so that we no longer see any difference between the things our friends and family post, and the commercial content that is aimed at us. To help you brand’s message stand out, here are four digital marketing trends that have been hot this summer.

Summer trends for digital marketing

1 – Chatbots
2018 truly is the year of the chatbot, and this summer has seen chatbot usage skyrocket throughout social media channels all over the world. Gone are the days of annoying and unresponsive AI chatbots, technology has improved over the past few years and these helpful bots are now smarter than ever. From customer support and brand awareness, to up-to-date news and reminders, using a chatbot for your business can help you to keep your brand on everyone’s mind. Currently, 61% of consumer-chatbot interactions are customer service based, and it is thought that this number will rise to 85% by 2020. It’s helpful to keep your chatbot’s responses fun and light-hearted to truly engage with your customers.

2 – Support Social Issues
Whereas it used to be the done thing to stay neutral, we are now very happy to announce that it’s cool to support good causes. Companies are now getting behind the issues that they care about and putting all of their corporate weight behind them. From Marks and Spencer’s backing of breast cancer awareness, to Adidas using their Lean In campaign to promote gender pay equality.

3 – Gifs and Emojis
It’s well known that emojis are the universal language of millennials, so why not get on board and use them to punctuate your emails, comments and other types of social posts? Not only do they signify a more light-hearted and fun approach, they are also extremely effective it getting your message across. Try implementing GIFs too for a fun and interactive experience. Populating images and graphics with emojis and text is also a fun way to communicate with your customers.

4 -Stay local
Sometimes it’s nice to focus on local events and things that are going on right on your doorstep, and that is why brands are embracing local this summer. Try and focus on an event that is happening around you and use it to engage your customers through hashtags or even by creating Snapchat geofilters that customers can use in a certain location. Whether it’s a festival, a concert, a sports event or a newsworthy happening, jump on the bandwagon and get everybody talking!

Easy Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from a little bit of digital marketing, but for many, knowing where to start can be quite daunting. Simply follow our quick and easy tips to get your small business up and running when it comes to digital marketing.

Keep your social media profiles up to date
Okay, so first thing’s first, if you’re a complete online novice, you need to set up profiles for your business on all the major social media platforms. Keep things simple with a Facebook profile and Twitter profile and keep these two up to date in regards to opening and closing times, phone numbers and location. When you get into the swing of things, you can add an Instagram or LinkedIn profile too.

Google Business
If social media isn’t your thing, you at least need to have a Google Business listing for your business. This will be the main port of call for anyone who is looking your business up online or trying to find a business that does what you do. Again, keeping your opening times, phone number, address and any holidays updated is key to securing business.

Set up an online newsletter
A newsletter is a great way to share with your customers any exciting updates within your business, tips and tricks relating to your sector as well as just keeping in touch, you can also invite your customers to engage with you through the newsletter or give them a coupon or some money off a purchase to encourage sales.

Use an auto-responder
After you have setup a newsletter or monthly email bulletin, then it’s often a good idea to set up an auto-responder which is an automatic email welcoming the person to your email list. You can also include a coupon, some helpful advice or just an update of your opening hours and services to keep your customers in the loop.

Optimise your website
No matter whether or not it’s extensive, you should have a website for your website, and even if you aren’t regularly updating it, you should at least have a useful landing page with your contact information and relevant services on it. If someone is looking online for a business that does what you do, you want your business to jump out at them, and a website is a great way to show some credibility. It’s also important to make sure that your website is optimised for mobile as over 80% of your customers will be using a mobile device or tablet to browse online.

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