Facebook: Do I Need A Friend Profile Or Business Page?

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Something I am seeing increasingly regularly are businesses setting up on Facebook, but using a ‘Friend Profile’ rather than a ‘Business Page’ or ‘Fan Page’ to do so.

There are a number of reasons why setting up an official ‘Business Page’ will benefit your business and here they are!

1) Setting up your business as a ‘Friend Profile’ actually violates Facebook’s terms and conditions. They only want actual ‘people’ setting up these profiles and can close down anything that they don’t think is right without any warning! I’ve actually seen this happen to a band who lost 5000 friends in the process and had to start again – getting it right from the very start is vitally important.

2) And anyway – if you set up your business as a ‘Friend Profile’ it just doesn’t look right. You have to assign a gender to your business for example! And give it a ‘Date Of Birth’. You also have no access to the perks that make Business Pages so successful on Facebook…

3) For example on a Business Page you can create bespoke landing tabs – so that when your customers or potential customers find you they can see your latest offer immediately on arriving.

4) You can create listings such as information, history, opening hours – even a map of where your business is located.

5) Using this map, you can encourage visitors to ‘Check-In’ on Facebook – when they do so, this information is displayed on the news feeds of their friends, giving your business a huge amount of exposure in the process.

Matt Davis Media Facebook Business Page

My Facebook Business Page Welcome Tab

There are plenty more reasons as to why a Facebook Page can work for you – I am seeing some great results with my clients, as well as with my own page.

Please contact me – matt@mattdavismedia.co.uk for advice on your Facebook page.

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