Our Top Tips For Using Facebook For Your Business

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Everyone uses Facebook, right? So, if 99% of your customers and potential customers are on Facebook, then why wouldn’t you want to capitalise on that? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you get the most out of digital marketing on the minefield that is Facebook.

Use Facebook Business Manager
Many people set up a business page for their business on Facebook and then think that that is enough. Unfortunately, the ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ won’t come automatically, you will need to be really investing quite a bit of time into Facebook before you hope to gain any sort of results. To really get the most out of your business page why not install the ‘Business Manager’ tool which gives you ultimate control over all aspects of your page and any advertisements you run on Facebook?

Use the ‘invite’ button
A really useful tool on Facebook is the option to invite select people to ‘like’ your page. As well as being able to invite people who you are friends with, you can also invite anyone who likes or comments on any of your posts. So, for example you may have someone who interacts with a competition that you run on Facebook, but they haven’t actually gotten around to ‘liking’ your page yet. Facebook makes it easy for you to invite these people so they won’t miss out on any future updates that you post.

Target your ads
Another great feature on Facebook is the ability to boost posts and run adverts, but did you know that you can specifically target your adverts to the exact type of people that would benefit from your product or service? As well as choosing from location, age, sex, interests and a whole host of other factors, you can also narrow down who sees your advert by what type of device they are using, or whether or not they are using Wi-Fi.

Look at your insights
The beauty of a Facebook business page is that there is all sorts of insights and information that you can use to market your wares more efficiently. By using the ‘insights’ panel you can see exactly what type of people are looking at your page, what age they are, whether they are male or female and what time they are most active on Facebook. This is the key information that you need to know when creating advertising campaigns and knowing more about your customers can really help you save money and target more people in the long run. 

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