How to Update Speaker Pages

Sample Speaker Page link:

If the page is live and an extra speaker needs to be added you need to follow the below steps depending on the colour of the box that needs to come next. If the next box that is needed is white for example then we need to duplicate a row which currently has a white background and then we can drag and drop to correct position at the bottom of the page. If the page isn’t live then you could just edit the text and images that are currently on the page. If there is a section that isn’t needed then you can just delete that section. 

There are 2 Sections

  1. White section
  2. Colour section

1.White Section:
First of all, enter backend of the speaker page
N.B. This bar will only be visible if you’re logged in to the site.
As you already seen the white section position is first so duplicate it
Then click to the pen tool and update the speaker name, Slogan and Description
The slogan should be in italic font style.
The Speaker image size should be 180 x 180 by pixel

2.Colour Section:
Follow the above steps, for colour section here we added a class and changed the font colour to fit the font with colour section , don’t worry you don’t need to edit any class or font colour if you duplicate the section same way above.
N.B. we can easily drag and drop the section to make to position correct

The Speaker image size should be 180 x 180 by pixel

Once you’ve finished editing the page click the blue UPDATE button on the right hand side. 

Video Tutorial link: