How Coronavirus is Affecting the Marketing Industry

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To start, let’s just acknowledge the fact that Coronavirus is bad. Very bad. We are sure that just about everyone reading this has someone especially vulnerable in their immediate circle that they will be very worried about.

No matter whether you are busily self-isolating yourself, working from home or feeling a bit overwhelmed about the whole situation, just about everyone has been affected by Coronavirus in some way or other.

While this nasty virus has become a major world event that is dominating the news, it does undoubtedly offer business brands quite a unique opportunity. Although we may find it an uncomfortable truth, this crisis does provide a platform for the marketing industry to work from.

How traditional marketing has been affected

There is no doubt that traditional forms of marketing have taken a hit. As we fully expect the country to continue in full lockdown, as has happened in other countries, with our outings suddenly curtailed in such a drastic way, people are now turning to social media for a sense of community and connectedness with other human beings.

For most business brands, this has resulted in a switch to more online, digital ads and marketing campaigns instead.

TV advertising has also seen a cut in revenue of around 10% due to coronavirus, according to data from ITV. The main reason for this is the cancellation of all major sporting events, and therefore sponsorship deals are also going into decline as a result.

The possible boom in online marketing

Many industry experts are now predicting a boost in digital ad spend over the next few weeks while most of the population will be confined in their homes. Consumers will most likely turn to online sources of information and will, therefore, spend more money online than ever before simply because they cannot leave the house to go shopping.

There already has been a big increase in mobile and social media marketing opportunities because increasing numbers of people have starting to work remotely from home over recent years. This pandemic alone has made 4 in 10 of us check the news online more frequently than before.

Marketing experts are predicting that businesses will be increasing their social media ad spend due to the increased use of social media by people looking for news, information and entertainment while they are isolating themselves at home.

The value of content creation

With people’s attention remarkably focused on online sources of information, and with most finding a new abundance of free time on their hands, marketers have never had a more attentive audience for their work!

Marketing is a very optimistic industry, so in this time of high anxiety and stress, there is a great opportunity to bring accurate and positive information to the general masses. Marketers can leverage their position to inform people and deliver information seekers with positive things during the duration of the epidemic.

By taking a positive, pro-active approach with your marketing, you can create a great first impression on your new customers and reinforce your trustworthiness with your existing customer base by delivering high-quality, accurate and useful content.

Marketers now have a golden opportunity to create a solid bond with there consumers built on integrity and trust that will last for longer than Covid-19.

How the Bright Click can help!

If you are now wondering what content people need during the spread of the coronavirus, then we are in a position to help you. What we do know is that we have a responsibility to provide the right kind of marketing content right now that not only helps to reassure your customers and give them positive news about the brands they love, but also spreads a little kindness at this time of great strife.

Now more than ever, people will be turning to their favourite brands for some familiar comfort and solace. So your business needs to be working with a professional company, such as Bright Click, to ensure that you are sending out the right message at this time.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

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