How Facebook Ads Work

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Looking to spread your wings a bit further with advertising but don’t know where to start? 

Facebook Ads are brilliant in their functionality and price, getting used to using them to your advantage can take a little bit of time. Have a look at this handy guide so that you can get started.

Facebook ads are brilliant at getting your content out there on a trusted site. You can spend a low amount of money to get started too, and it is fairly straightforward to set up. Most businesses don’t actually understand how complex Facebook ads can actually be in their targeting.

The ‘Boost Post’ functionality is nowhere near as powerful as proper Facebook ads. So when you try and set up your first ad, you may be in for a bit of a shock on the amount of variables going on. 

Firstly, lets explain a few bits to help you understand the process of how the ads work:

Essentially, you are bidding to get your ads in front of prospective customers. Therefore if you are trying to bid your ads into a more saturated market, you might have some trouble getting seen. For example, imagine you sell cupcakes in London. This would be a very saturated niche. If you started selling more targeted cupcakes – Wedding cupcakes – Anniversary cupcakes – and targeted your ads to these demographics, you might see an increase in your ROI. 

Because of the amount you can tweak your ads, this allows for a great deal of experimentation. If you log the results of each ad, note what worked and what didn’t, you should be able to cultivate functioning ads that can achieve some impressive numbers. 

Generating a healthy ROI is obviously number 1 on your to-do list. This might take a little while. A – B testing might be one of the better ways that you can improve your ads. Facebook has a functionality where you can have two ads run simultaneously, but with slight differencing on either the content of the ad or the demographic. 

This allows you to test what would be the most beneficial for your ad, so that you can further tweak from there. 

It is all a bit of a gamble really, but if you know the system and your odds, it’s much easier to win big. There is no magic wand to develop your ads into dreamy high conversion rate winners, but through experimentation, seeking advice, and pro-actively learning, you could use Facebook ads to exponentially increase your revenue. 

Something else you should consider learning about… Meta Pixel. Meta Pixel is a lovely little bit of code that you can pop on your website that will help you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have visited your site. 

Remarketing is an extremely powerful way to engage people that already have awareness of your brand. 

If you need any help in setting up your ads, or just fancy a chat to gain some advice, click this link to book in a meeting with us. 



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