5 Design Trends To Help Your Social Media Images Get Noticed

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Our social media feeds tend to look very same-y after a certain amount of time, don’t they? With brands simply copying each other all the time, it’s hard to make your content stand out in such a crowded space. So, if you’re at a loss for how to create some really cool images and designs across your website, Facebook, Twitter and more, then why not have a look at these 5 design trends that are guaranteed to get you noticed?

Design trends for social media images

Polygonal and geometrical shapes
Geometric shapes are big this year as they stand out very strongly on social media. Bold lines and block colours help to catch the viewers eye as they are scrolling through their newsfeeds and overlapping shapes help to add depth and creativity to any logo, image or website.

For a while there we favoured flat, two dimensional images, but gradients are adding a bit more depth and texture to our images in 2018. Whether it’s a simple 2 colour gradient, or a more complex 5 or 6 colour gradient, this definitely adds a lot of fun to social media images and when used correctly can also add a bit of drama.

Double Exposure
Relatively simple to create, double exposure images fuse two images together to create a new and exciting image that is perfect for catching people’s eyes. Not only will a double exposure image make your content stand out, but if it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s more likely to be shared across the internet just because it looks nice.

Typography exposure
Following on from double exposure images, typography exposure is a huge trend at the minute and it can really make your content look seriously cool. Some call it typography exposure, others call it ‘typography with real life elements’ or ‘negative space typography’, but whatever you call it, it’s definitely one of this year’s biggest design trends. Perfect for travel companies and blogs, this is a really good way to catch people’s attention.

A novel concept, cinemographs are simple little movements within what appears to be a still image. Classy, simple and a lot of fun, they are a great way to surprise whoever is viewing the image and make them think twice about what may seem like a boring old picture. Much simpler than a standard GIF, this is the ideal way to get onboard with the popularity of GIFs on social media platforms. We expect to see the use of cinemographs skyrocket in the next few months, so why not jump on the bandwagon early and get ahead of the curve!

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