How The iPhone XS And XR Will Change The Way We Do Digital Marketing

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Apple have just held their annual event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California and while the news that they announced wasn’t as ground-breaking as some tech lovers would have liked, the changes and announcements will definitely have an impact on how we view and make content with our smart phones and, ultimately how we do digital marketing.

Apple announced the iPhone XS in two sizes, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘Super Retina’, this is the best screen we have ever seen on an iPhone, and the A12 Bionic, is the smartest, most powerful chip in any smart phone; not to mention the fact that the bigger size of iPhone contains the biggest screen ever seen on an iPhone. With advanced Face ID and a breakthrough dual-camera system with Depth Control, the new iPhone XS is all about the aesthetics of what we see on screen and how we can take the most vivid, crisp and clear photographs with the camera in our pocket.

As well as the iPhone XS, Apple also announced the release of the iPhone XR, with the ‘R’ standing for ‘Retina’, a more budget-friendly iPhone option with the same full screen but in a slightly less high-quality Liquid Retina form. Basically, the iPhone XR means that those who want most of the same features as the XS but don’t need it to be the VERY best in the industry can have the best of both worlds for a reduced price.

The third announcement that Apple made at their latest event was the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, a fundamentally redesigned Apple Watch with the largest Apple Watch display yet. There is also a focus on health with updated features to help users stay active, healthy and connected as well as advanced heart monitoring capabilities.

So, how will this new technology affect how we do digital marketing? With such a big focus on increased and improved screen size, display and photography features, it means that those who don’t want to splash out on a photographer to take images for their digital marketing plan can simply use the tools their iPhone provides to take pictures that are every bit as good as those taken with a DSLR. We expect to see lots of small businesses using the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR to take their own photographs on the go, so it is important to factor in more photographs to your digital marketing plan. With phone speeds and photography improving, it will also more than likely increase the use of Instagram and Snapchat so it is worth investing more time on these platforms too.

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