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      Keep Going Groups – Maintaining Momentum in this Moment of Crisis.

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      • Are your team members struggling to remain focussed or adapt to remote working?  
      • Would you like to help them stay physically and emotionally well, so they can meet the challenges ahead?
      • Can you already see that supporting team members is critical if they in turn, are to support your business?

      • What the business needs, is for team members to be at their most productive, just at a moment when they are distracted and anxious.
      • What you need is a solution that can be deployed quickly and easily, that will connected your now disparate workforce and keep them working together in the right direction.

      Our Keep Going method has been developed to meet the needs of companies right now, as this new reality unfolds. We use elements of positive psychology, to nudge team members towards a positive mind set. Our facilitated, regular, group coaching sessions will help team members to:

      • Focus on the progress they are making, which builds confidence and motivation.
      • Provide support to and receive support from colleagues, which promotes a culture of trust and safety.
      • Build a deeper understand peers, which improves communication, teamwork and productivity.
      • Imagine and articulate clear goals, both personal and professional, which increases motivation and resilience.
      • Maintain habits that will support good physical and mental health without which individuals will be less able to cope with the demands of this situation.

      The format is simple and flexible. Our content can be adapted to meet the changing concerns of team members. The sessions can be attended remotely, in line with latest government guidelines. 

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