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    Managed Social Media Marketing

      We can help you achieve what matters to you most – growing audiences, engaging with customers and generating demand for your business.

      Social media homapge2Social Media is the most important commercial development since the internet – but most businesses don’t have time to do it properly. This is where we come in…

      Your customers and clients are online now and they’re interacting with each other constantly;  since the advent of social media ‘word-of-mouth’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Information on what your customers are saying about your product, what they think of your rivals and what trends they are following has become easier than ever to obtain – but only if you know how. And once you have access to this information, how do you use it to your advantage?

      Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are used daily by millions of people worldwide. However getting into the nitty-gritty of using Social Media for business is hard work and time-consuming.

      Our services are specifically tailored to do all of the hard work for you – to engage your customers and clients on a day-to-day basis whilst you concentrate on your business and reap the rewards.

      We can set you up totally new accounts across these platforms, or if you already have them, tidy-up and maintain existing accounts. We will ensure uniformity and consistency across these platforms, in line with your existing company image and branding. From this point we will provide daily status updates and tweets, build and maintain a healthy following across all platforms, engaging with your clients and customers and managing your online presence and  reputation.

      For clients who may wish to expand their Social Media horizons even further, we can also supply content in terms of regular blog posts, further content creation and increased levels of client and customer engagement and interaction.

      It doesn’t cost as much as you think – it’s much cheaper than taking someone on full-time – and it will improve people’s awareness of your brand and customer satisfaction to boot.

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      Facebook is now the leading Social Media platform in the world, and it’s advertising options really can put your business in the driving seat when it comes targeting a custom audience.


      Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read a short 280 character messages called “tweets”. Great for being direct and to the point and also engaging with potential customers.


      YouTube is the biggest Video Sharing platform online and is also owned by Google. So having a great video presence is seen as real positive if you’re trying to rank higher on search engines.

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