Meet the Team – Joanna

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It’s our final week of ‘Meet the team’ and we each had 2 questions for our accountant Joanna!

This is what we wanted to know….

What’s the secret to balancing so many accounts?
Organisation, prioritisation and software.

Would you still pass Maths GCSE?
Of course I would! I say that, I then googled Maths GCSE paper and attempted 5 questions and got 9/17 so not quite up to my actual GCSE standard, but I think that is still a pass!

If prosecco no longer existed, what would you do?
I would be fine as long as there was still Sauvignon Blanc and Champagne!

What’s the worst thing someone had tried to pass of as expenses?
I think I have established quite good guidelines on what is acceptable so generally people do not try to get away with things. I think the expenses I rejected most recently were skittles and a dozen krispy kreme donuts as subsistence.

How did you get into accountancy?
I did a masters in management after my degree and enjoyed the finance side (I have always liked numbers) and decided to pursue a career in accountancy. It wasn’t easy to get an accountancy training place after university, I did a lot of temping for a year but once I was working I enjoyed it, especially the exams (sad I know)!!

What are you most scared of and why?
Horses. I have a massive fear of horses, I think it stemmed from being the oldest in horse riding lessons and having to ride the craziest and biggest horse each week, I used to dread every lesson. They are amazing, strong animals but I don’t trust them.

What’s the biggest challenge when dealing with accounts?
I think one of the biggest challenges is cash flow. You can make a lot of profit, but if people don’t pay you then this can be crippling for your business.

If you could run any marathon in the world, what would you choose?
The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in Las Vegas as I really want to go there and imagine it would be an amazing experience running the Las Vegas Strip at night and then I can spend a good few days / nights gambling in the casinos!

On the first day of ruling the world what would you do?
Free prosecco for all!

What would your ideal job be?
Reviewing spas! I love a spa day and would enjoy spending my time being paid to relax in spas around the world!

How do you recharge?
Running, swimming, baking and film time with the kids.

With all the changing regulations with accountancy how do you keep up?
I used to spend a lot of time attending courses to keep up, but now it is much easier to find information online and through webinars.

How did you find the marathon and would you do it again?
The marathon was one of the hardest things I have ever done, injury didn’t help but the crowds were amazing and really kept me going.  I am incredibly proud I finished it though and do like to remind people by wearing my finishers t-shirt and medal regularly!

If you weren’t an accountant what would you be?
I think I would probably be a teacher, although when I was 10 I did tell my entire class that I aspired to be a bin man just to be different to the others who all wanted to be actresses, vets and doctors!?

You get to be anyone in the world for a day – who would you choose and why?
That is a tricky question. I am not really sure. I would quite like to be my 4 year old son William for the day. I often wonder what goes on in his mind and what he does every day as the most I get out of him at the end of each day is I don’t know and maybe what he had to eat!

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