Meet the Team – Mellieha

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It’s week 8 of Meet the Team and we’ve put Mellieha in the spotlight. Mellieha is spending 6 weeks working with us this summer to gain some hands on experience of working withing the digital marketing environment.

As always we asked two questions each! Here is what we wanted to know…

What area of marketing interests you most and why?
Studying Marketing at university has introduced me to many different areas yet I am still deciding which aspect I prefer most. I am thankful to be gaining experience at The Bright Click as digital marketing is definitely an area which interests me as it is very relevant in modern day and there are many unique ways to target and convey messages to audiences using technology.

What’s the geekiest thing about you?
I write lists everyday of things I have to do and set reminders on my phone! I have the worst memory so I find if I write everything down and set reminders then I won’t forget anything.

What would be your dream Job?
My dream job would be a marketing director as I would love to lead a team in creating successful marketing campaigns.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Strawberries because they’re my favourite food so I could probably live off them!

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
I’d be a bird as I love to travel and it would save me so much money being able to fly myself everywhere.

Where would you like to go career-wise after university?
When I finish University I would like to go straight into a marketing based job, I prefer the more creative side of marketing rather than the research so I would like my job role to reflect this.

If you could meet any celebrity in the world who would it be?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What is your favourite Disney movie?
Finding Nemo

If you were to start a company from scratch what values would you build on?
I think teamwork is key, everyone needs to be able to cooperate and work together to make something a success. Passion for excellence, quality can only occur if people are doing something they believe in and are content with. Ethical, maintaining the highest standards when dealing with people and communities.

If the opportunity came up would you move away and work in another country?
Yes if it meant I could earn more money doing something I enjoy then definitely!

What’s your favourite smell?
Fabric Softener

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