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Richard September

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Meet the team:
Richard september

We thought it would be fun to share some insights about The Bright Click team so you can get to know us a little better.

This week we grill our account executive Richard. We had one question each and these are the things we wanted to know!

You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life… what would you choose and why?
I’ve sat on this question for too long and can’t decide for the life of me! I’m going with Common – The Light as it’s the song I’m listening to right now.

Who would your five fantasy dinner guests be, dead or alive, and why?
1. Mac Miller, because he’s one of my favourite rappers whose life was cut short.
2. Banksy, to put a face to the name and find out more about his work, inspiration etc
3. MF Doom, as he’s another incredible rapper who remained very much under-the-radar throughout his career until his passing in Oct 2020.
4. Amy Winehouse, because she lived such an interesting life and would have some amazing / crazy / wild stories to share.
5. David Attenborough, because he’s a legend.

Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato?
Great question. I’ll go with look, feeling like one all the time would be rough!

If you could pick one album by one artist/band to play on repeat all day, every day, for the rest of your life, which would it be?
This is a tough one, but I would have to choose Nas – Illmatic. It’s a classic hip-hop album which I’ve listened to from top to bottom countless times and it’s never got old.

What did you want to do career wise when you were a child?
Security / Sniffer Dog Handler at airport security. I’d been watching far too much Border Force.

What was the first album you ever bought?
Linkin Park – Meteora. I’m certain I drove my parents’ crazy insisting we play it on repeat during long car journeys.

Do you dance crazy when nobody is looking?
Did I forget to leave a Zoom meeting?

What country is at the top of your bucket list to visit?
Japan for sure. Ramen, bullet trains, mountains, the history, theme parks – the list is endless. It looks like an incredible place to explore.

What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know?
It’s not illegal to escape prison in Germany. You’re probably asking why I know this. I have no first-hand experience – promise!

Jo Oliffe

Meet the Team – Joanna

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It’s our final week of ‘Meet the team’ and we each had 2 questions for our accountant Joanna!

This is what we wanted to know….

What’s the secret to balancing so many accounts?
Organisation, prioritisation and software.

Would you still pass Maths GCSE?
Of course I would! I say that, I then googled Maths GCSE paper and attempted 5 questions and got 9/17 so not quite up to my actual GCSE standard, but I think that is still a pass!

If prosecco no longer existed, what would you do?
I would be fine as long as there was still Sauvignon Blanc and Champagne!

What’s the worst thing someone had tried to pass of as expenses?
I think I have established quite good guidelines on what is acceptable so generally people do not try to get away with things. I think the expenses I rejected most recently were skittles and a dozen krispy kreme donuts as subsistence.

How did you get into accountancy?
I did a masters in management after my degree and enjoyed the finance side (I have always liked numbers) and decided to pursue a career in accountancy. It wasn’t easy to get an accountancy training place after university, I did a lot of temping for a year but once I was working I enjoyed it, especially the exams (sad I know)!!

What are you most scared of and why?
Horses. I have a massive fear of horses, I think it stemmed from being the oldest in horse riding lessons and having to ride the craziest and biggest horse each week, I used to dread every lesson. They are amazing, strong animals but I don’t trust them.

What’s the biggest challenge when dealing with accounts?
I think one of the biggest challenges is cash flow. You can make a lot of profit, but if people don’t pay you then this can be crippling for your business.

If you could run any marathon in the world, what would you choose?
The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in Las Vegas as I really want to go there and imagine it would be an amazing experience running the Las Vegas Strip at night and then I can spend a good few days / nights gambling in the casinos!

On the first day of ruling the world what would you do?
Free prosecco for all!

What would your ideal job be?
Reviewing spas! I love a spa day and would enjoy spending my time being paid to relax in spas around the world!

How do you recharge?
Running, swimming, baking and film time with the kids.

With all the changing regulations with accountancy how do you keep up?
I used to spend a lot of time attending courses to keep up, but now it is much easier to find information online and through webinars.

How did you find the marathon and would you do it again?
The marathon was one of the hardest things I have ever done, injury didn’t help but the crowds were amazing and really kept me going.  I am incredibly proud I finished it though and do like to remind people by wearing my finishers t-shirt and medal regularly!

If you weren’t an accountant what would you be?
I think I would probably be a teacher, although when I was 10 I did tell my entire class that I aspired to be a bin man just to be different to the others who all wanted to be actresses, vets and doctors!?

You get to be anyone in the world for a day – who would you choose and why?
That is a tricky question. I am not really sure. I would quite like to be my 4 year old son William for the day. I often wonder what goes on in his mind and what he does every day as the most I get out of him at the end of each day is I don’t know and maybe what he had to eat!


Meet the Team – Mellieha

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It’s week 8 of Meet the Team and we’ve put Mellieha in the spotlight. Mellieha is spending 6 weeks working with us this summer to gain some hands on experience of working withing the digital marketing environment.

As always we asked two questions each! Here is what we wanted to know…

What area of marketing interests you most and why?
Studying Marketing at university has introduced me to many different areas yet I am still deciding which aspect I prefer most. I am thankful to be gaining experience at The Bright Click as digital marketing is definitely an area which interests me as it is very relevant in modern day and there are many unique ways to target and convey messages to audiences using technology.

What’s the geekiest thing about you?
I write lists everyday of things I have to do and set reminders on my phone! I have the worst memory so I find if I write everything down and set reminders then I won’t forget anything.

What would be your dream Job?
My dream job would be a marketing director as I would love to lead a team in creating successful marketing campaigns.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Strawberries because they’re my favourite food so I could probably live off them!

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
I’d be a bird as I love to travel and it would save me so much money being able to fly myself everywhere.

Where would you like to go career-wise after university?
When I finish University I would like to go straight into a marketing based job, I prefer the more creative side of marketing rather than the research so I would like my job role to reflect this.

If you could meet any celebrity in the world who would it be?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What is your favourite Disney movie?
Finding Nemo

If you were to start a company from scratch what values would you build on?
I think teamwork is key, everyone needs to be able to cooperate and work together to make something a success. Passion for excellence, quality can only occur if people are doing something they believe in and are content with. Ethical, maintaining the highest standards when dealing with people and communities.

If the opportunity came up would you move away and work in another country?
Yes if it meant I could earn more money doing something I enjoy then definitely!

What’s your favourite smell?
Fabric Softener

Meet the Team – Ellie

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It’s week 7 of meet the team and this week we’ve put our apprentice Ellie in the spotlight! Find out what we wanted to know!

Has marketing always been a passion or did you originally want to pursue something else?
Originally, I wanted to be in the sports industry.  After school, I went to college to study a sport BTEC level 3 course but after completing it I realised that sport limited me to certain jobs such as, being a personal trainer, PE teacher or coach. So, I then thought media / digital industry as I studied media at school and enjoyed it and thought it would be a good direction to go in as there are many sections that I could work in and now everything is technology based or going digitally.

Would you eat a bowl of live worms for £40,000?
Yes, I would! Haha…

What would you like to be doing work wise in 5 years’ time?
Hopefully still at The Bright Click! I want to be in a job position that I know that I am going to be there for a long time. By then I would have hopefully gained lots of experience so I could eventually have a higher position in a team.

What’s your worst bad habit?
I’d say my worst habit is eating too quickly, as soon as the food is served it’s basically gone! I don’t mean to do it but always have done.

What’s attracted you to digital marketing?
My mum used to work in a marketing / media company and she has always said that it was the most enjoyable place she has ever worked in. Ever since then I have always wanted to know more and see what the industry has to offer. Digital marketing has a lot of different areas to work in and I thought it was a good place to start my career as you get to learn lots of skills from every different area of the industry.

Where’s your dream holiday?
My dream holiday would be to go to Australia. I have a massive passion for travelling so if I was to go there I would want to see the whole country and explore everywhere.

If you had to be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
Hmm, that’s a good question! If I was famous, I would probably say I’m a Celebrity because I’d love to live in the jungle camp, laugh at all the celebs when they get angry because they’re hungry and try attempt all the challenges.

What are you most afraid of and what is stopping you doing it?
I used to love heights but as I have got older the love for them went after I visited the shard a few years back. I am most afraid of heights but the thing is I would love to sky dive when I go travelling but I can’t say that I won’t be scared…

What appealed to you the most about working at The Bright Click?
I have always liked media and marketing and when I saw there was a position to be an apprentice and work in Teddington (Where I live) I thought I couldn’t miss this opportunity! The main thing that attracted me to working here was the friendly feel I got from the website and when I came in for the interview. I also wanted to try something new and I wanted to learn more about digital marketing.

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I went for a meal once at The Bluebird restaurant in Chelsea. All I can say is wow, the food was amazing. If I could afford it I would eat there all the time.

You have a client who doesn’t like something that you have worked hard on – would you take it personally?
I wouldn’t take it personally as not every client is going to love everything you produce. I would be disappointed that they were not keen on my ideas, but it can always be edited and changed to suit them. I would endeavour to speak to the client and give them other options to ensure that they are happy and we sorted out the problems.

Online shopping or shopping centre?
Online has more options so I’d pick that, but I HATE when the delivery comes and it doesn’t fit properly or look right. ☹

Meet the Team – Scott

150 150 tanmay

It’s week 6 of ‘Meet the Team’ and we are finding out more about our account manager Scott.

Two questions each – here is what we wanted to know!

With The Bright Click being your first full time marketing role, what’s surprised you the most?
That’s a tough one to start with! I think the sheer amount of different techniques used to promote business and draw an audience in. There’s so many ways to use Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to push products or raise awareness and that’s without using Google analytics and e-mail marketing. It’s good to have so many options and it means that you can always find new ways to help clients if one fails.

Spill it, what’s the best pizza topping and for a bonus point, what’s the worst?
I don’t think you can go wrong with spicy chicken really, I don’t eat much pizza but I usually overdo it with spicy chicken and some jalapenos! Pineapple. I don’t really have to go into why do I? I just don’t understand how you can put it on a pizza.

You do like your food, how do you keep the pounds from piling on?
Bit of a running theme here… I try to eat healthy most of the time, as hard as it is with the amount of chocolate that goes round the office. I’m pretty good at getting home from work and going to the gym as it helps me unwind a bit – apart from that I play football so that keeps the three bars of chocolate a day off of me.

You’ve been at The Bright Click for a few months now, what do you enjoy most?
I really enjoy the group we have here – I know that if I’m stuck I can lean on someone for help and they won’t mind. They’re literally experts in their field as well, we have such a depth of knowledge in the office and it’s really handy when you’re stuck and you don’t know what to suggest to a client.

What is your biggest achievement?
It’s a pretty boring one but I’d say graduating from university. It’s an even bigger achievement when you bare in mind the amount of drinking and sleeping I did in three years.

Where would your idea of a perfect holiday be and why?
I’d like to go to Miami – I’ve been to America a couple of times but haven’t really been old enough to appreciate it. Spending some time down Miami beach and taking in the sun suits me – I like to chill out on holiday.

If you could either be a duck or an owl, which one would it be?
They’re both pretty strange aren’t they – I’d probably say a duck. Owls really creep me out with turning their head all the way round and I’d probably enjoy the water.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in the past year?
It’s a really recent one but Matt talked me through keeping a to-do list and I’ve been setting one each day for both work and personal things and it’s a life-saver. I get so much done nowadays and it really gives you a lift when you tick everything off.

If you could choose any company/brand to work with who would it be?
The Bright Click! This is a hard one, because I love my work at the moment and really couldn’t picture myself anywhere else at the moment. I studied Sports Journalism at university so I guess some sport magazine in America paying me lots of money to write a column every now and again would be nice!

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
It’s going to sound really boring again but I do like to go to the gym, that and football really clears my mind and you feel better after the exercise.

What social media platform is your favourite to work with?
I really enjoy setting up Facebook adverts at the moment. It’s really satisfying when you put together a really targeted market or come up with a great idea to narrow it down and then give the client good new when the advert has finished.

You have to learn to play an instrument – what would you choose?
The guitar would be good – I fancy myself as a bit of a singer in the car and the shower but I’m not sure anyone else would agree. I did try and actually learn it a few years ago but I didn’t have the patience!

Meet the team – Claire

150 150 tanmay

It’s ‘Meet the Team’ week 5! This week we have 2 questions each for our SEO Specialist Claire. Here’s what we asked her!

What’s the biggest misconception in SEO?
I think the thing that people seem to struggle with the most is the fact that you aren’t ever going to see results or changes just by sticking some ‘keywords’ into your page titles or meta descriptions. Once upon a time, this might have been possible but the search engines are much smarter now and what they are looking for is good quality websites that are regularly updated with new and relevant content. It can take a long time to get a site ranking, and this is also something that people struggle with. In fact, only just over 5% of new websites will rank in the top 10 within the first year so when you are formulating an SEO strategy, it needs to be with this in mind and with realistic expectations.

North or South?
I am most definitely a proud Yorkshire lass!
However, I have lived ‘Down South’ for over 17 years now, and this is now where my life and family are so it’s very difficult to choose one over the other.
London is genuinely my favourite city in the world – it has completely captured my heart, and I still get a buzz from walking around and being a part of it. However, even though I doubt I will ever live there again, I do definitely still consider Yorkshire to be my home. There are certain places that I have to drive through when I travel up to see family or friends that are so beautiful they truly take my breath away and I do get that warm feeling that I think you only find when you are home. So – the bottom line is that I love both The North & The South!

Why did you decide to become an expert in SEO?
Honestly – Almost by accident! Before I was doing what I am doing now, I used to work in a laboratory for a research company. I have a degree in molecular biology and genetics and science will always be a huge passion of mine. What I particularly like about it is the research – spending hours pulling information together, reading about new techniques or technology and then formulating a plan of action drawing on all of this information to achieve the best possible results. Working in a laboratory was great regarding hands-on science but left very little time for all of the above.
When I first heard about SEO, I was instantly intrigued and began learning as much as I possibly could. I think having an analytical brain helped as I could see why things would work and why something else might not. Luckily I had a couple of friends who were happy to let me experiment a bit with their websites, and before long I was seeing real results and my friends were getting more and more enquiries. It actually became quite addictive – It was like a super long experiment that kept giving me the results I wanted to see. Eventually, I realised that this was what I should be doing for a living so made the decision to hand in my notice and begin working as an SEO consultant. It was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made! I love what I do, and I love the people I work with – I honestly feel very lucky!

We’ve seen you have quite a few different hair colours, what’s your favourite one?
Haha – I do get bored very quickly when it comes to my hair! I think my favourite was when I died it pink for the first time before going to The Isle of Wight festival. It washed out really quickly though which was a bit disappointing!

When you were a child, what was your dream job and why?
I have always loved animals, and when I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. I don’t really know why I didn’t try and do it – lack of confidence maybe! I still think it’s a job I would love to do.

What do you struggle with the most in SEO?
I kind of covered this in the first question but I think it has to be managing client expectations regarding the amount of time it takes to see results. When people are paying you to do a job for them, they understandably want to see and understand what they are paying for. It can be tricky trying to explain that it’s likely to be a good few months before I’ll have any real results for them.

Explain SEO in a sentence.
Hmm… That’s hard!! Maybe something like… Using techniques, tactics and strategies to increase rank placement in the search engine results pages and drive more visitors to a website.

If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
I think it would have to be Yorkshire Tea – but I would truly miss Prosecco with all my heart!

If you won £1million on the lottery what would you spend it on?
I would use it to buy some land so that Matt & I could build a dream home for the kids and us! It’s something we have talked about doing at some point in the future – we would love it! I’ve also always wanted a horse, so if we had enough space (and any money left!), I’d get one.

The Google algorithms are regularly updated/changed – how do you keep up?
It can be difficult keeping up with the search engines as they are regularly being updated and usually with no warning. I think if you practice good and honest SEO and don’t try to fool the search engines the updates shouldn’t have a huge impact on your rankings. The updates are there to improve user experience, so if you always keep the user at the forefront of your mind, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.
I read a lot anyway to keep up with all the industry changes, and I also have software that analyses ranking patterns – sometimes you can see a definite pattern shift, and that can be indicative of a change to the algorithms. If I see that I’ll always try and find out what has changed and what impact it may have going forward.

You are going to get a new pet – what animal would it be and what would you call it?
Well, Matt has already promised the kids that we can get another kitten when we move but only if he can call it Octopussy!

Meet The Team – Peter

150 150 tanmay

It’s week 4 of meet the team and this week it’s the turn of our account manager Peter.

Each member of the team was given two questions each to ask, and this is what they wanted to know!

What’s your biggest achievement in life?
I’m a material girl and this is a material world. I’d say somehow managing to purchase my own house in the current climate we’re living in. It took some serious cut backs, saving and a lot of stressing, but we eventually got there and it feels like a big moment I was proud to tell my family I’d achieved.

I’ve also completed Gears of War co-op on Insane difficulty, which only gamers will know the struggle of!

We’ve seen your very bad sandwich making skills in the office, what’s your favourite sarnie filling?
Well my first ever proper job was working in Greggs on a Saturday for 6 months and it’s safe to say I peaked early in sandwich making. Easy question though, salmon and soft cheese on a thick cut fresh bloomer. Cheers Greggs.

If you could do design work for any company in the world, who would it be and why?
Being a big gamer, I’d say Rockstar and particularly the GTA themes. They always have such amazing artwork on all their products.

What is your favourite music / song / band?
Rock / You’ll Never Walk Alone / Biffy Clyro

What do you enjoy most about designing?
Sitting down with a team or a client and listening to them express an idea of what they want and then being able to bring it to life. One of the best feelings in my job is to hear a client say “Wow, that’s exactly what I was after” following by a big cheesy smile.

Taking in a brief and designing to it is the easy part, it’s adding the little improvised tweaks to bring it to life that I enjoy most.

You can invite any four people dead or alive to a BBQ – Who are you picking?
Billy Shankly, David Bowie, Steven Gerrard and Ricky Gervais.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Never and usually it means I break the heel eventually when kicking them off. I never learn, sorry Mum.

If you were to tell one person “Thank you” for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and what did they do?
My Grandad.

If you could watch one tv programme for the rest of your life what would it be?
Game of Thrones, I’m obsessed with it in all aspects. Winter is coming.

What’s the hardest part about designing a website?
Starting it. Honestly, once you get flowing ideas start coming. But putting “pen to paper” is the hardest part for me.

You have a client who has a very clear idea of what they want their website to look like but from a design perspective its all wrong – how do you handle this?
I always explain to my clients in all areas of marketing and design that if I just said “yes” to them, then I’d be ripping them off. Ultimately our clients need us to be open and honest and if I think something is wrong I will explain it in a sensitive and constructive way. Ultimately whatever the client wants is paramount, but it would very wrong of us to take the “easy way out” and just go with something we disagree with.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Two. If I ever exceed that, one pair must go. I hate clutter.

Meet the Team – Tara

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It’s week 3 of meet the team and this week we are grilling our account manager Tara.

We had two questions each and this is what we wanted to know!

You work a lot in the motor trade, what’s the most challenging part working with that industry?
The most challenging part is getting the clients involved, I can easily post news relating to cars for a brand, but having news from inside the dealerships is always good and gets the most engagement. I think I touched on this briefly in another question about how it’s no longer just about a product. Another challenge is staying up to date with new car releases and when they are available for order etc. I know a bit about cars, so that does help. As I deal with quite a few different brands too, it can involve me being pro-active and chasing customers quite a bit. Luckily, I’m pretty good at that.

How do you have your steak cooked?
Trust this question to come up!! I like any meat I eat to be very well done, actually burnt. I don’t eat steak a lot because it takes me about 30 minutes to cook one. If I ordered one out and said can you cook it for that long, I think I would get thrown out.

Are you older than Matt? And if so, by exactly how many days?
I refuse to answer this question – we are both 39.

What type of content do you find provides the best social media engagement across your client range?
Again, I have touched on this. It is content that’s personal to a client, content that gives the customer a look at how the company is outside of the selling. I try to drill this into my clients, the most engagement will always come from a post with a bit of humour thrown in. One of my clients sent a selfie of themselves, outside their business premises, when they were heading out to a meeting. It was a simple post that worked really well and got plenty of engagement. And of course, a competition – everyone loves a freebie.

What’s changed most about Social Media…?
Lots has changed since I first started working at The Bright Click. I think one of the main things is how influential within a business it has become. Pretty much all businesses have Social Media accounts, it’s a must now really. I’ve seen businesses be more open to using it, as well as having a better understanding not only that they need Social Media, but why too.
In the last few years, I’ve seen it become a great selling outlet for a business. You can reach hundreds of customers old and new just by clicking a few buttons.
I’ve also seen Facebook adverts grow massively, they are something businesses use more and more (if you’re not, give us a call as you’re missing out), you can literally pick the right customer for your product – if you are doing them correctly of course.
One last thing I’ve seen really change is the content businesses are posting. It used to be all about the business side of things, but not so much nowadays. It was all very much corporate stuff you would see, but I think businesses are staring to understand that it’s not all about that. Customers want a real insight to not only your product, but your business and the people who work within it too.

What did you last lie about…?
Me lie, I’m offended! Erm… honestly (get it) I don’t really lie. I am quite a ‘say it as you see’ it person, that can be a bad thing sometimes. If I do lie, it would be when I return something to a shop when it’s out of the return period – I have used all sorts of excuses in my time.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?
I think LinkedIn is a great Social Channel and people don’t always use it to its full potential. Matt did a very interesting Facebook live video about this last week. It’s a great way to connect with people in your industry. I think companies can really benefit from having a LinkedIn page and getting their staff to link their personal pages to it. LinkedIn has recently been updated too, the new layout is more up to date, similar to Facebook actually. You are also able to tag on the company pages now and they have new messaging features. It’s a great tool for selling yourself and gaining new business.

You have an unexpected day off – what would you do to make the most of it?
Well, I have asked Matt in the past if he would give us a few free duvet days – not had much luck YET! It depends on the weather… On a nice sunny day, heading out shopping and for lunch would be great, love a bit of retail therapy. On a rainy, cold day I would actually love to have a duvet day, (hint, hint Matt) on the sofa, some snacks and a great film. I’m easily pleased

Who winds you up the most in the office and why? (Be nice)
I enjoy working with the whole team, we work hard but have a good laugh in-between the madness. I think if you asked anyone they could answer this question for me. Dan Davis winds me up the most, we do have a love hate relationship – he loves me and I hate him. We have worked together for over 4 years and we do bicker a bit at work, I think the team find it quite amusing. He is a great guy and I know he would help me with anything but I have my Dan death stare down to a tee.

If you weren’t in the digital industry, what else would you want to do as a career?
That’s a good question. I would probably like to open a restaurant. I used to be self-employed and in the food industry. I think too many people don’t understand how important good food and good customer service is when people are eating out. Going out for a great meal can be the best feeling in the world. I think I would enjoy it and it’s something I have done on a small scale in the past.

If you could come back as an animal after you die, what animal would it be and why?
I’d come back as something that lived in a hot country and lived for quite a long time. Maybe an African Elephant, they aren’t the most attractive animals but I’d get a great tan and live a long life!

If you won £1 million what would you spend it on?
Oh, yes please!! I’d be quite boring I think. I rent, so buy a property, new car, holiday and spend some on my family. That’s probably a very generic answer, but a million is enough to set you up a bit but not enough to give up work and live a Champaign lifestyle.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Well, I can see the whole team rolling their eyes at this answer, but I’m always told I don’t look my age – It’s always nice to hear. Matt is always reminding me that I’m nearly 40, never mind he is the same age. Well as he says a few months younger, I think he’s annoyed he looks older than me. Hopefully I will keep my youthful appearance for a few more years… I’m definitely keeping up with the Botox.

If you could only use one social media platform for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
It has to be Facebook! Not sure if I should say this, but I don’t use many Social platforms myself out of work. I used to but when you’re on them all day for clients, they do lose their appeal. I do however use Facebook still, I don’t post much but it is good for keeping in touch with people and being a bit nosey.

Meet the Team – Dan Davis

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It’s week two of meet the team Monday and this time we put Dan Davis in the spotlight!

Find out below what The Bright Click team wanted know about Dan and how he responded!


Dan Boat


Dan & Matt



Generally what is the biggest hurdle when developing a website?
Getting content from the client is probably the biggest hurdle, especially if they are a brand new business as they are literally writing the content from scratch!

Who would play you in a film?
Ron Jeremy

Tell us about the concept of The Roast Man.
Haha! The Roast Man is a business I’m going to start in my next life – it’s basically a van that drives around like an ice cream van but serves roast dinners instead. You come out of your house with a plate and just help yourself like a buffet. My dream is to hear a small child shout “Daddy, The Roast Man is here!”

What would be your death row meal?
Cheese and bacon potato skins for starter, fillet steak (medium) for main and sticky toffee pudding for desert.

If you could live in another country, where would it be?
Probably North America – good weather and lots of golf courses J

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Scarlett Johansson – I’ve got two good reasons why… and those lips!

What’s your tipple?
Lager and Sambuca

How do you see web design changing in the next few years?
Well as you know web design has changed a lot since the first one was built in 1991 and since the advent of the smartphone we have seen an incredible shift in design. I don’t think there will be massive change in the next few years but designs will definitely begin to start with the mobile version in mind first rather than the PC version.

What’s the best fancy dress you’ve ever worn and what’s the story behind?
I went as a darts player once with ‘Dan the Man’ written on the back of my shirt. This was mainly because I used to be really fat (sorry to offend any darts players)

What are you strengths and weaknesses within the digital marketing industry?
I would say my strengths are organisation (something I’ve really improved on in the last couple of years) and understanding the clients’ needs. My weaknesses are taking any criticism of my work to heart.

If you could build a website for any company which would you choose?
I would like to rebuild this site as it’s my favourite golf club in the world and think the website needs improving!

If you could commit any crime and get away with it what would it be?
Bank Robbery

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Meet the Team – Matt Davis

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We thought it would be a nice idea to introduce you to the people who make up The Bright Click so each Monday, for the next few weeks, you will get the chance to learn a little bit more about us all.

Starting with our very own MD – Matt Davis!

The Bright Click team asked Matt 2 questions each – below is what we wanted to know!

If you have any questions for Matt then please let us know and we’ll put him back under the spotlight!


What is your earliest memory?
Sitting on my nan’s lap on a chairlift going onto the beach in Camber Sands, I remember being scared that the lift was going to go out into the sea for some reason.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My parents. Mum, who is no longer with us, came from a very under-privileged upbringing, and she vowed to give her children a better life than the one she experienced as a child. She was incredibly selfless, even during the last few months of her life, despite being very unwell, never once complained or thought ‘why me’ – she was more interested in making sure that everyone else was OK. And my Dad, who with little education got himself on the career ladder at an early age and grafted to end up working in a senior position at one of the UK’s biggest companies. His work ethic, can-do attitude and determination has definitely rubbed off on me and he’s still encouraging me on a pretty much daily basis. Both of them backed me to start the business, emotionally and financially, when lots of other people seemed to think I was doing something stupid, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
This is what happens when you ask Dan to submit questions for a feature..!

Why digital marketing?
I’ve worked in marketing for pretty much my whole career, and in 2010 I was working in the city for an IT company, and we were being asked by clients on a daily basis whether we could provide online marketing services, which we technically couldn’t, but which interested me. I started learning more about Social Media marketing in particular, and offered to run a campaign or two for a couple of clients. Demand seemed to be high, and truth be told I wasn’t very happy in the role as I was commuting to and from London Bridge every day. On a particularly bad week, I went five days without seeing my baby son, as he was asleep when I left in the morning, and asleep again by the time I got home. I was pretty fed up, walking back from the station on a rainy Friday night and phoned my mum to vent my frustrations. Having chatted for fifteen minutes, I asked her how her day had been, and she said she’d had a chemotherapy session and was feeling tired. I realised at that moment that the situation was in my hands if I wanted it to be. Mum wasn’t complaining about a situation that was out her control, but I was complaining about something I could change. So I took a punt and asked a local taxi company if they wanted a freelance marketer for three days a week, and to my amazement, they said yes. So I quit my job, and that gave me two days a week to see if I could get some other clients on board, and I was soon being asked if I could build websites, do SEO, Google Adwords etc… before I knew it, I was fully booked up and that’s when Dan started to help me out. I do find it funny that I accidentally started an agency, it was genuinely my intention to just put food on the table on my own terms at the beginning, I never really saw The Bright Click coming until it was suddenly just sort of… there!

Proudest moment of your life?
The birth of my son, Tommy. The first time I held him, even though he was covered in poo and crying, I’ve never felt anything like that. He’s made me proud every day since.

Favourite part of your job?
That I get to work with such a great bunch of people every day, and that we all get on so well. We are a people-business – our team have some amazing skills between them but primarily they’re all great people and that’s imperative for me. I also love seeing results – when a campaign kicks into life and we start generating leads for a client, it’s a very satisfying feeling.

If you could wake up and have any super power what would it be?
I would love to be able to fly just so that I didn’t have to spend so much time stuck in traffic!

What do you think you’re best at in the digital marketing industry?
I think I understand objectives, and how to achieve them. Too many campaigns start at beginning and work towards the end, and it’s a slippery slope because more often than not you’ll miss the mark. It’s important to understand what the client is looking to achieve, because once you know this, you can set that as the main objective and work backwards from it. I’ve learned that the hard way, but that’s what makes me good at it.

If you could wake up tomorrow and be in the body of somebody else, who would you pick and what would you do and why?
If it’s just about the body, then David Beckham would be absolutely fine with me, I think he’s an amazing role model too. If it’s about leading the life of someone else, I’d be the guitarist in a stadium band, let’s say Jonny Buckland from Coldplay. It’s a dream I’ve always had, the idea of standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, it must be amazing. And then to travel the world on luxury planes before doing it again the next night in a different country, I’d imagine that’s a really cool way to live your life.

If you could be anyone else for a day who would it be?
(that’s basically the same question as the one before)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’d love us to have built the agency into something great, I think we’ve built some brilliant foundations and I’d be disappointed if he hadn’t really kicked on from that. From a personal level I’d like to be doing more speaking and teaching, both things I love to do but that I don’t get as much time to do at the moment. And to be living in a nice big house with Claire and the kids – with a garden (I don’t currently have a garden… and I want one!)

How do you ensure that your digital marketing skills evolve to keep up with the industry standard?
It’s the hardest part of the job – I read a LOT of stuff online and I’m starting to read more marketing literature now too. I subscribe to lots of newsletters and have various feeds and lists as reference points too. It’s such a fast-paced industry and you have to be ahead of the curve – there’s nothing worse than a client asking you a question that you can’t answer. It’s in our interest to know as much as possible on a lot of levels, the more things we’re good at, the more services we can offer.

If you could be part of any band ever for just one gig which would you choose and what would you play/do?
I’ve accidentally answered that one above too!