Meet the Team – Scott

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It’s week 6 of ‘Meet the Team’ and we are finding out more about our account manager Scott.

Two questions each – here is what we wanted to know!

With The Bright Click being your first full time marketing role, what’s surprised you the most?
That’s a tough one to start with! I think the sheer amount of different techniques used to promote business and draw an audience in. There’s so many ways to use Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to push products or raise awareness and that’s without using Google analytics and e-mail marketing. It’s good to have so many options and it means that you can always find new ways to help clients if one fails.

Spill it, what’s the best pizza topping and for a bonus point, what’s the worst?
I don’t think you can go wrong with spicy chicken really, I don’t eat much pizza but I usually overdo it with spicy chicken and some jalapenos! Pineapple. I don’t really have to go into why do I? I just don’t understand how you can put it on a pizza.

You do like your food, how do you keep the pounds from piling on?
Bit of a running theme here… I try to eat healthy most of the time, as hard as it is with the amount of chocolate that goes round the office. I’m pretty good at getting home from work and going to the gym as it helps me unwind a bit – apart from that I play football so that keeps the three bars of chocolate a day off of me.

You’ve been at The Bright Click for a few months now, what do you enjoy most?
I really enjoy the group we have here – I know that if I’m stuck I can lean on someone for help and they won’t mind. They’re literally experts in their field as well, we have such a depth of knowledge in the office and it’s really handy when you’re stuck and you don’t know what to suggest to a client.

What is your biggest achievement?
It’s a pretty boring one but I’d say graduating from university. It’s an even bigger achievement when you bare in mind the amount of drinking and sleeping I did in three years.

Where would your idea of a perfect holiday be and why?
I’d like to go to Miami – I’ve been to America a couple of times but haven’t really been old enough to appreciate it. Spending some time down Miami beach and taking in the sun suits me – I like to chill out on holiday.

If you could either be a duck or an owl, which one would it be?
They’re both pretty strange aren’t they – I’d probably say a duck. Owls really creep me out with turning their head all the way round and I’d probably enjoy the water.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in the past year?
It’s a really recent one but Matt talked me through keeping a to-do list and I’ve been setting one each day for both work and personal things and it’s a life-saver. I get so much done nowadays and it really gives you a lift when you tick everything off.

If you could choose any company/brand to work with who would it be?
The Bright Click! This is a hard one, because I love my work at the moment and really couldn’t picture myself anywhere else at the moment. I studied Sports Journalism at university so I guess some sport magazine in America paying me lots of money to write a column every now and again would be nice!

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
It’s going to sound really boring again but I do like to go to the gym, that and football really clears my mind and you feel better after the exercise.

What social media platform is your favourite to work with?
I really enjoy setting up Facebook adverts at the moment. It’s really satisfying when you put together a really targeted market or come up with a great idea to narrow it down and then give the client good new when the advert has finished.

You have to learn to play an instrument – what would you choose?
The guitar would be good – I fancy myself as a bit of a singer in the car and the shower but I’m not sure anyone else would agree. I did try and actually learn it a few years ago but I didn’t have the patience!

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