Perfection is the enemy of success

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When it comes to getting your marketing mix correct, there are a countless amount of variables that you want to get perfected. This view can be ascribed to all walks of life, whether it be perfecting a recipe, creating a piece of artwork, or DIY.

At times things can be very frustrating, trying to ensure that your work is of the highest quality. Often this strive for perfection can result in a stagnation of ideas, as one becomes too overwhelmed with a single task. The nature of overthinking stops the flow of other ideas coming through, alternative routes to a problem start to dissipate, and one is left with a feeling of disappointment that the original idea is being blocked from its fruition. 

This is common amongst creatives, known as a writers/artists block. Creativity permeates itself through almost all acts of human ingenuity. If you think you’re not an artistic person, but you can repair a car, you are wrong. Problem solving, whether you are inside or outside of the box, is an act of expression. 

So what happens when we can’t express ourselves? Vexation and self-blaming. 

To cure this wide and complicated matter, is something that I am not comfortable doing. But what I can share is my answer, in the steps towards success through self acceptance. 

Let’s start with getting rid of that writer’s block. 

You have an idea for a story, but you don’t have the finer details down yet. That does not matter one bit. Start writing, start working, get grafting. Or else you will be waiting your whole life for a bus that will never arrive. 

Think about all of the famous authors out there that have started sagas, had the first book published and then had to keep writing out of necessity as people needed to read more. Do you think JK Rowling had any idea where all of those Horcruxes were hidden when Philosophers Stone was published? She worked it out along the way. Because the books weren’t perfect, and the story was unfinished. 

Hell, Game of Thrones is still unfinished, and look how far that has come.

If it were up to them, no doubt they would want to write and finish the full series before any of it could be published. But that is unrealistic. Nobody wants perfection, because it is unproductive. 

So publish that article.

Just like me, right now. I sat here for 10 minutes thinking of a tidy little way to bring this blog post together and make it seem polished. 

But it isn’t polished, and neither am I. So I’m going to click the ‘Publish’ button now. 



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