How can Pinterest be helpful to estate agents?


How can Pinterest be helpful to estate agents?

–          Pinning great advice on buying/renting properties. Uploading articles, videos and links chock full of tips for first-time buyers, people will take notice and follow your board.

–         Expert advice on selling your home.  Handy tips on ways to sell your home; what works, what doesn’t work i.e colour schemes, less clutter, keeping the garden tidy etc. And other advice on what can help boost your home appeal.

–          Use Pictures and Videos– Upload pics and videos of homes (kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms etc) people will get an idea of what kind of homes you sell, even if the pics are of past properties, it’s still good to get a feel of what homes you can offer.

–          Green cleaning solutions -A board on how to be more environmentally friendly by reusing products and green cleaning ideas to make your new home spic and span. Ideas on how to save money on cleaning products and quick fixes for your home. Also, if you have a short supply of storage space, ideas on how to make the most of the space you’ve got.

–          Repin and follow– Follow people and boards on Pinterest that you like i.e a living room set, a nicely decorated room, a beautiful garden etc, people will start to get an idea of what kind of homes you represent, also people can then follow you off the back of it and will be aware of the properties you have available.

–          Repin products you love– repining or uploading products that you feel your customers will like i.e a cute cushion, a retro teapot, antique furniture, funky wallpaper etc the Rolfe East profile will become a lot more personalised and people will repin or like what you upload, a great way to engage with your audience.

–          Pictures and information of the areas the estate agents represent– Estate agents deal with property in several different areas, it would be a great idea to repin or upload pictures or any info about those areas.


What is Pinterest and how does it work?



What is Pinterest?

In a nutshell, Pinterest is a new social networking channel designed to engage with audiences by sharing pictures, videos and interests by using what is effectively, online pin boards.

Users can either upload their own images or ‘pin’ things they find on the web by using the Pinterest ‘Pin it button’.

A user can look through items that other users have pinned and ‘like’ ‘repin’ or ‘comment’ on them. It is encouraged to share content found on Pinterest across other social media networks or even by embedding pins onto blogs.

What makes Pinterest stand out from other social media networks is the emphasis placed on the visual rather than text to capture a person’s lifestyle. Pinterest has described itself as the social network which enables you to connect with everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.

Does it work?

The majority of businesses rely on driving traffic to their website in order to generate sales. Any business that wishes to increase sales should consider joining Pinterest. Early research has conveyed how Pinterest is more effective at driving traffic than other social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Users can connect their Pinterest account to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, enabling users to post new pins to other channels which give increased access to your pictures.  When members are browsing through pins, they will have the ability to share posts through Facebook, Twitter or email. This will boost social sharing and strengthen your brand name.

How to build your Pinterest following

The first thing to do once you have set up your Pinterest account is to create a few pin boards, you need to create some interesting content in order to engage with your audience and to get users to pin or follow your pictures etc. Just like any social network, building an audience through a follower base is vital in creating a strong presence and driving traffic to your site.

There are two follower options on Pinterest, which differs from other social media platforms. A user can follow another user or can simply follow one of their boards.

Avoid self-promotion on Pinterest, share things you like and you feel represent your company but don’t advertise your brand in such a way that will annoy other users. This will detour audience engagement.


 Happy Pinning!

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social media channels to promote businesses and is also becoming the most effective. It is a fun and creative platform for you to interact with other users and build upon your brand name.

The key thing to remember, is to use your Pinterest account to its full potential , don’t forget to upload your own images and information, this will drive traffic to your website. But also get involved, re- pin and like other user’s images and information. Get the balance right and you will see the results!