Social Media Marketing is a powerful gift that keeps on giving.

A potential customer will not buy from you if they do not have an awareness of your business, herein lies the power of Social Media Marketing. 

Capturing the attention of potential and existing customers is at the forefront of any successful Digital Marketing strategy; what better way to do this than by reaching them where they spend a considerable amount of their time.

Social Media Marketing is no longer an option. Instead, it is an absolute must have for any digital marketing strategy. Social networks are a one stop shop for realtime customer interaction and the perfect place to promote your business to already interested parties – your key customers. 

When Social Media Marketing becomes a core focus within your organisation, you have the power to place your business, your brand and most importantly your website, directly in the face of your target audience.

Our Social Media Marketing approach includes a clear understanding of your business and messaging, allowing us to engage with your audience on relevant social media platforms when your customers desire it most. 

Great content; two-way interaction; insight analysis; keyword research and paid social advertisements are key ingredients in a successful Social Media Marketing strategy. A strategy that our team of experts at The Bright Click are well placed to collaborate with for your business. 

The power is in your hands to begin your social media journey now. 

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From concept to aftercare, as a family-run business, customer service is at the heart of what we do.

From the outset, you’ll be speaking to one of our friendly Social Media Marketing experts who will guide you through the process.

And don’t worry – we’ll never baffle you with complicated tech jargon, because where’s the fun in that?

Our team of Social Media experts is on hand to create captivating content, increase your following, and direct quality traffic to your website. We understand and value the importance of being unique and standing out from a crowd; we aim to reflect your personality in every piece of content we share with your audience. Our team takes the time to get to know you, your brand, your business values, and your overall goals; the Social Media Marketing strategy we execute will reflect this every step of the way. 

Our goal is to ensure that every step of the way, you understand what it is that we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and that we’ve got your business objectives at heart.

We pride ourselves on being a family agency, established ten years and with an excellent reputation and client base to show for it.

We’re proud that we get 95% of our new business from existing client referrals, and we can only maintain that by consistently doing an amazing job.

We’ll level with you right now – we’re unlikely to be the cheapest quote you receive when comparing price alone, but we guarantee we’ll provide the best value and an amazing customer experience for good measure.

Social Media Marketing is how we started our business, talk to us about how our content connoisseurs can kickstart yours.

Sounds great right?

In terms of pricing – this is how it works:

4 x check-ups per year (quarterly)

A one-off annual payment of £197 +VAT or £21 +VAT per month 

2 x check-ups per year (bi-annually)

A one-off annual payment of £147 +VAT or £16 +VAT per month

1 x check-up per year (annually)

A one-off annual payment of £127 +VAT or £13 +VAT per month