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Using Twitter To Win More Business

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Social Media marketing can be used for a variety of different purposes – the most important thing to do when starting any marketing campaign is to set objectives – to know what you want to achieve from the campaign.

This enables you to determine whether or not the campaign was a success.

Marketing of any kind should not be about ‘ticking boxes’ – for example – Facebook Page? Tick. Twitter Account? Tick.

These platforms can be incredibly powerful if used properly and it’s on this subject that I wanted to post an article from Sarah Blenkinsop at Golden Frog PR.

Sarah and I have been working in collaboration for a little while now and are getting some great results for our clients.

However it’s the story of how Sarah gained three new clients through Twitter that I really want to highlight – she has learned through trial and error how to best utilise the platform for her needs, and now she has a solid Social Media strategy she is seeing some incredible results – I’ll let her take up the story:

“When I first signed up to it, I wasn’t sure what the use of Twitter was – I was a bit delayed in getting involved to be honest, despite my profession.
I spent the first little while working out how it worked, and then decided to follow a load of people to see if they followed back. To my surprise they did! One day, when feeling rather philosophical I posted my favorite saying – If you live today thinking about yesterday you don’t let tomorrow happen. It was re-tweeted all over the place, and my following got huge! I guess as a result of having more followers I got more followers, and now I fluctuate between 3500 and 4000.
I have realised that some things make followers disappear. For example I lost 500 in one day by posting details of a sale that one of my clients was having. I learnt not to do that again!
The best thing about my engagement is that it has won me three new clients. I do fashion PR – it’s hard to win new clients as there are a lot of people out there doing what I do. One client approached me direct and asked me to pitch, which I did, and won. Another client tweeted that he wanted free PR, so I got in touch and we worked out a way he could afford it.

And the last was hunted out by me – I had loads of cross promotional opportunities and so tweeted offering some free PR, and approached specific companies with the offer. One took me up on it, and added a retainer on top! I never thought that Twitter would amount to actual contracts. It’s subtle, but if you play it right it can translate into serious commercial sense, for what amounts to a few minutes a day.”

It’s a fantastic case study and proof that if you do things right using Social Media then you can achieve amazing results.

Have you got a Social Media success story that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments box below or over on our Facebook Page.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter here or The Bright Click here.

Have a great day!


A Pizza PR Too Far…?

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The Pizza Hut buffet. Not so much a meal – more of a culinary challenge.

A friend of mine once ate 17 slices in a row (plus salad) after we had ‘popped in’ for lunch, a feat that to this day remains unchallenged as far as I’m aware.

The ice-cream factory, stuffed crust, and two-for-Tuesday – Pizza Hut is famous for lots of things, but today it was in the news for a very different reason.

A group of black professional footballers (from AFC Bournemouth) have claimed that they were racially discriminated against, having been told they would have to pay for their meal before being served at a local Pizza Hut restaurant.

Pizza Hut initially responded by claiming that they were simply following police advice after a number of previous incidents where customers had left without paying, and that it was in no way racially motivated.

Later on this evening, they also released this carefully-worded, and admittedly well-written statement.

This of course was absolutely the right thing to do. I have witnessed situations first-hand in the past where the attitude has been that ‘this is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper’, and the situation has been allowed to eventually blow over.

But there has never been a more prudent time to get your communication right than at present and in the statement they released, I think they got it right.

They also released a part-statement on their Facebook fan page, with a link to the full article – from a PR perspective this would seem like an obvious way to communicate the message quickly to their fans – nearly 166,000 of them.

However what quickly followed in the thread was a real mish-mash of comments, some alarmingly ill-informed and at times borderline racist in themselves.

It got me thinking that yes, ultimately it’s right to be transparent, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with debate and discussion, far from it. But it also got me thinking that had Pizza hut just released the statement, which would then be carried on all major news sites and papers, the issue could well have been dealt with efficiently and brushed aside quickly.

But in officially publishing the article on Facebook, did they merely open up a can of worms, with numerous ill-advised comments now associated with the statement and forever collected and collated on the fan page?

I think that this admittedly unique situation put their Social Media manager in a near impossible position, where any positive PR could be quickly negated by ignorance;  essentially it was a no-win situation as having made the statement, more questions would have been asked if it hadn’t subsequently appeared on Facebook.

So a rare potential down-side for companies using Social Media?

Or is all publicity good publicity regardless?

I’d be very interested to hear your opinion…