The Top 5 Ways to get Landlords for your Letting Agency

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When you deal with lettings, it soon becomes obvious that property sales are a one-off source of income. Whereas when dealing with Landlords, you can be ensured that you will have a steady cash flow month after month. Having a good portion of your clients as Landlords is a fantastic way of ensuring that you can achieve a stable income. 

The hard part is getting landlords affiliated with your agency. There are many ways that you can attract them, through different arms of your marketing mix. 

Here are the top 5 ways that we suggest to get landlords for your letting agency:

Get the basics right

How old does your website look? And how good does your competitor’s website look? 

Get in the real world. A landlord – or anybody for that matter – will not go to a company that looks like it had its website made twenty years ago, so make sure your site and your branding are up to scratch. 

Now, that facelift is lovely and all, but what about the content? Is your site optimised for search engines? If not, crack on. You will get so much more business through organic leads if you have this bit right. Which will lead to more enquiries. Which will lead to more sales. Which will ultimately keep your accountant very happy. 

Be the expert your clients want 

Whilst you’re thinking about your content, have it in mind that you need to be branding yourself as the expert in your industry. Have a look at your competitors. All that lovely industry news that would keep prospective landlords in the loop and happy, simulate it. 

You want to be the go-to-guy in your industry. The company with more insider knowledge than any other company, Landlords want to land on your page, learn about how they can make more money, then come and ask you for some help to do it. 

Whilst you are doing this, think about the uses that your content can have. Can this content get repurposed into a newsletter? Or can it be popped onto your social media channels. As you start creating good content, you will start to understand that its uses are very multifaceted. 

That brings us to our next point… 

Get creative with Social Media 

This is a no brainer. Your website will become far less static when you can use pieces of it to be sent out via other platforms. As mentioned earlier, your industry news can be used as a newsletter. But why not use some of it to write a feature piece on your social media platforms. 

Get experimental. Pop the same content out on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Take note of what works where. No doubt, Industry news and success stories should do well in a more b2b environment, so Linkedin would be your go to. But what about a cheery meet-the-team post. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are your friends. 

Once again, make sure all of your branding is coherent throughout all of your platforms. The same image, the same name, the same motto. It is simple stuff, but you would be surprised at how many people get this wrong. 

Have a look on Facebook for groups of local landlords, where they will discuss issues together. Social media doesn’t have to be simply an outlet for your marketing, but it can be a brilliant research tool. 

Network, Network, Network

Attending Networking events is still just as important as it was pre-internet. There seems to be some idea at the minute that Social Media does that job for you. 

There is nothing more powerful than getting out there and shaking hands. Getting your name and face known locally is just as important as it has ever been. You need people to Know, Like, and Trust you.

If there are no Networking events coming up, then there will certainly be property auctions that you can attend. Landlords looking for agents will almost certainly be in attendance. 

Understanding this more basic form of marketing is something that people tend to forget. ‘If you build it, they will come’ is really not true. If you build it, maintain it, market it properly, and fulfil your clients needs, they might come. 

That leads us swimmingly onto our next point…

Don’t forget your roots 

What ever happened to the humble leaflet drop? Or direct physical mailing? 

Target new builds, as there will probably be a decent number of buy-to-let landlords as well as recently sold properties. 

Don’t go with boring leaflets either. Your prospective clients deserve more than that and won’t take any less. Something punchy that will get you noticed. 

If you need help getting noticed, drop us a line. We are a friendly bunch. 

Alternatively, book a meeting with me here. Let’s Chat. 

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