Top tips for Black Friday!

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It’s easy to get bogged down with the grind, but don’t forget, some key days of the year you should absolutely be jumping on, when the time comes. One of those days is Black Friday… this is an opportunity to give something back to your customers and clients, as well as gain some additional last minute business (in context of the year) yourself. So whether you’re willing to offer out a service for an excellent price, or give away something for free, there’s definitely no right or wrong.

Here are 5 tips you should be taking into account, pre and post Black Friday…

1. Pre-warn your customers/clients.
Be sure to let your clientele know that some fantastic deals are on the way. Pretty much every single one of your competitors will be emailing clientele like yours with their fantastic offers and giveaways, but to ensure that yours know it’s coming, send them a friendly email reminder in the days leading up, explaining that they can expect big things from you on Black Friday. This will stick in their heads and entice them to open up your email ASAP, as you’d have already pre-warned them that great deals are coming to their inboxes. There’s something about getting into the head of a customer before hitting them with a deal, which can really help increase those all important open rates.

Keep the email friendly and not pushy. You want your customers to know and feel like it’s about them, not just all about you selling. Ultimately this is a chance for you to sell but also give back to your customers and it’s nice to explain this to them.

2. Keep the tone friendly.
And speaking about being friendly, this is key. So many Black Friday emails simply come across way too pushy and “sell, sell, sell” and whilst this, of course, is the whole point of a day like Black Friday, you’re not here to just fall into inboxes, alongside many of the “same old” Black Friday emails; but to stand out and make your customers feel like you’ve really thought about why you’re participating in Black Friday.

3. Come up with some unique deals.
It goes without saying that you’ll need to think of a fantastic deal to go out to your database and whilst this seems obvious, so many businesses get it wrong.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, offering the same old deals throughout the year, whether it’s a free quote, or a special offer on a product you’ve been selling all year; the last thing you want to do is make your Black Friday deals come across samey and repetitive.

Think of something unique, something to really make heads turn on Black Friday. Explore your services and discover what you can give away, balancing the right amount of resource required to make it work, alongside the amount of money it could bring into the business.

4. Throw a mega deal out there!
This is one I really like. Come up with one particular deal, which you almost feel has an over the top amount of value for the customer. This can be from a restaurant giving away 100 burgers for £1 each during lunch, or an estate agent offering a fixed fee for the first 5 customers who reply. Just something which makes your customers double take, before saying “I have to take advantage of this”.

Keep the offer to a limited amount of clients only. This technique could lead to more conversations, more conversions, or more “bums on seats” in the future; depending on what your goal is, so it’s worth giving a go!

5. Extend your offering to Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday comes the Monday after Black Friday and is an opportunity to extend your Black Friday offering. You may feel like your promotion hasn’t gone as well as you hoped, or you simply want to give your customers a further chance to take advantage of your deals. Either way, use Cyber Monday to extend your offering to your clients, or adjust your strategy accordingly, if you feel you need to drop your prices further to get some extra bites.

Whilst some of this seems simple enough, it’s the finer details which make a difference in standing out alongside your competitors. So spend an hour or 2 thinking of some great offers, get them out there and let us know how you get on!

Of course if you need to bounce some ideas off of us in the meantime, we’re always here to help, so do give us a call!

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