The four lessons I learned from Glastonbury

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This time last week, myself and Claire had just woken up having spent Thursday evening at Glastonbury Festival.

Claire had been before back in 2011 but this was my first time, and having purchased tickets in October 2019 only to then see the festival cancelled in 2020 and 2021, my excitement on arriving at Worthy Farm on Thursday afternoon was palpable, not least because I’m a MASSIVE fan of the Pet Shop Boys, Sunday night headliners and the first band I ever saw live as a synth-pop loving 11 year old.

The scene was most definitely set and not one second of the weekend disappointed (even the rain was welcome when it arrived!) – it was a dream come true and lived up to every single expectation that I’d built up across the previous 30 months since the tickets were purchased. 

Having spent the last few days adjusting back to the reality of real life, a couple of things dawned on me in relation to the success of the festival, why it’s been so successful for so long and why a million people a year apply for tickets. 

Firstly, it moves with the times and it always has.

Starting off as a folk festival, it’s manifested itself many times over the years and in recent times has seen hip-hop artists headline alongside established indie and rock acts on the main stages. 

This means that it stays current, fresh and relevant despite its age and reputation, and it sets itself up for future incarnations in the process. 

It also makes the headlines every year when the line-up is announced which means loads of free PR and advertising – it’s become the most-talked about festival in the world as a result, they spend little if no money at all on marketing or advertising, it just takes care of itself. 

It’s a business at the end of the day. In the same way that Apple moved from computers to smartphones to watches, and Amazon moved from books to er… everything, Glastonbury knows that it’s not going to sell 200,000 tickets to a folk festival. 

Secondly and on a similar note, they know their audience. 

The headline acts dominate of course, but there’s still something there for everyone. 

And it’s not cheap – including booking fees and parking, it’s the best part of £350 for a basic ticket. But that works in its favour as combined with the the line-up it attracts an audience who are serious about being there. It’s family-friendly and there’s an unbelievable choice of food, drink and things to do when you’re there. It blew my mind. 

I’ve been to most of the major festivals and the same can be said of all of them. We no longer go to Reading Festival as we’ve simply outgrown it – it’s now dominated by the under-20s audience (our daughter is going for the first time in a few weeks – 😬) and as such we not only no longer feel welcome there but aside from a few bands that our kids cringe at us for liking, we don’t want to pay £7 for a point of watered down beer or £9 for sausage and mash in a Yorkshire pud – we’re much more civilised these days 😊.

So at Glasto, we’re surrounded by like-minded people and that’s of course part of the appeal. 

It’s a good idea to think about your product / service, who’s buying it and how you can aim it at / resonate it with an audience of similar people who might also be interested. It’s never been easier to use FB / Google ads to reach your perfect chosen demographic. 

Thirdly – they’ve mastered the upsell. 

To camp ‘normally’ at the festival, you need to get there on the Wednesday to make sure you’ve secured a decent pitch and that you’re not trying to sleep vertically on the side of a hill for five nights. 

Any later than that and you’re in real trouble – especially if it’s muddy!

This wasn’t a risk we were prepared to take and as we originally got tickets to celebrate Claire turning 40, we splashed out on a pre-assembled teepee in a place called Tangerine Fields, on the periphery of the festival. This meant we got to park in a dedicated car park, with a 100 yard walk to the festival and a tent waiting for us when we got there, complete with blow up bed and fairy lights. 

Worth. Every. Single. Penny. 

Especially when you don’t have to take it down at the end! 

But this was just the first level of hospitality. You can buy all sorts of upgrades in advance and while you’re there. 

VIP passes. 

Food and drink packages. 

Caravans and campervans. 

Backstage tours and laminates.

If you can stretch to it – you can have it. 

And that’s the point. You can only buy a premium product or service if it’s actually available to purchase in the first place!

Sounds obvious, but so many businesses overlook offering such a thing as they believe no-one would ever want it. 

But there’s a reason that John Lewis sell an 85inch Ultra HD Sony Bravia TV – there isn’t a wall in my house that it would fit on but for someone it’s their dream TV and they’re flexing their debit card accordingly! 

We sell many a digital package here at The Bright Click but every now and again a client is ready to pull out all of the marketing stops and if they are, then we want to make sure we can offer them what they’re looking for. 

Or if it’s just a simple upsell, if you need a maintenance package to compliment your all-singing, all-dancing new website then we’ve got you 😎. 

Either way – Glasto has this mastered, and if and when we return, it’s the teepee or nothing! 

I hope you’ve found this email helpful and if you need any advice on how to apply any of the above to your business then you know where I am.

In the meantime it’s another day of recovery for my weary legs, and a re-run of the Pet Shop Boys on the BBC iPlayer 😊



PS the fourth lesson? I can’t hack it like I used to 😅

Pay Per Click (PPC) should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

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You know those ads you see on sidebars, that litter you with stuff that seems all too accurately targeted at you. That is PPC, and it is really really clever. Well… a certain kind of PPC, but we will get onto that another time. 

As the name describes, you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. So the more interaction you have with an audience, the more you pay. But ultimately, if you have set things up right, PPC should be bringing you a higher yield of sales and good leads. ‘And once you’ve got it working for you as a model, it’s usually possible to scale – so the you put in, the more you’ll get out – it’s a no-brainer for most businesses, as long as it’s managed properly’ 

PPC ads are great for those on a specific budget, as you can ensure that you are only spending money on an audience that is already interested in what you are selling. 

Google ads is the best way to go, but you can also use Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Bing ads, and Linkedin ads. 

When creating ads, you need to think about all the other pieces of extra content you can have working at the same time. Is the PPC showing a promotion? What landing page does the ad take you to? Are you doing anything extra with every person that clicks on the ad?

Using PPC in your marketing mix is brilliant, but knowing what content to surround it with is even better. The word we are looking for is that horrible corporate trope… Synergy. 

You can use PPC and Social Media for Remarketing too. But that is a whole other kettle of fish that we will discuss in further Newsletters. 

For any more advice about how you can improve your Marketing, book in a meeting with a member of our team. 


What Ramadan means to me

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Hello, I’m Kamran. An apprentice here at The Bright Click. This week is the last week of Ramadan, and has been very important to me. I have found that not many people know what Ramadan actually is, so I threw this together in the hope to educate more people about its significance.

What is Ramadan: 

The month of Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and it’s the month in which the Qur’an was first revealed. To honour this event we sacrifice basic human needs such as food and water from sunrise to sunset.

How do we know when Ramadan starts?

All our islamic event dates are allocated with the islamic calendar, which is different from the normal calendar. We look for a full moon to tell us when a new month has started, so the same goes for Ramadan. This is why we aren’t always sure exactly when the upcoming Ramadan starts, as we wait for the nearest Islamic country to detect the full moon (some just wait for Saudi Arabia to see the moon). Similarly, we don’t know exactly when Ramadan will end, all we have is an estimate which for this year is 2/3rd of May, but it all comes down to when we see the full moon again.

Why fast?

Although there are many studies that show fasting to have huge health benefits, this is not primarily why we fast. We fast as a sacrifice and test for Allah, this test is a way to keep control of our desires. Many of us spend 11 months eating and drinking as a normal, just like breathing, because we consider it to be a basic need to survive, fasting makes sure you always put Allah (God) before your needs/desires, this helps strengthen our soul as we all live surrounded by temptation.

I had a chat with Jacob about what fasting means to me, and how Ramadan can teach lessons about abstinence, control, and can yield a different set of teachings every year:

Breaking and Starting the fast:

We fast from sunrise to sunset, and during that period we have two important meals, one is called Suhoor which is the last meal before we start fasting and the other meal is called Iftaar which is the meal in which we break our fast. During these two meals you can have anything you want. However it is preferable that you break the fast with a Date and then drink water, this is how our Prophet used to break his fast so it is rewarding for us to follow that too.

Some things about Ramadan:

As mentioned previously this month is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed, so there are many important Sunnahs ( Suggested deeds done by our Prophet) that we should all try and do as muslims, in this month we should heavily focus on reading the Qur’an as much as possible (many finish reading the whole Qur’an multiple times), giving as much charity as possible and keep restraining from any bad language, this is because all good deeds are multiplied by 70 in reward during this month and we should try take advantage of it as much as possible.

When Ramadan ends we all celebrate the next day, this is called Eid al Fitr (Eid), it is important that on this day we give money to charity (if we can) and it is recommended that we wear our best clothes and have a nice time with our family and friends.

Thank you,


Best tips to grow on Instagram

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Set up your account properly

The first thing you want to do when setting up an Instagram account is coming up with a good username, if the page is about your company/business it is best that the username is the same as the business name so your clients can find you much easier and they know it’s you.

However if the page is unrelated to your business and you post about a specific product, you should aim to come up with a username which has a keyword that tells the audience what your page is about, example if you post about houses in London you could name it “london_houses” or “houseinlondon” , this will help your page show up when a user types a keyword such as “house” on the search bar.

Although this is very good for your page it can sometimes be very hard to come up with a good username as the easier ones might be taken already since instagram is very popular and if that is the case you can just simply apply the same thing on the “name” section, this is the bold line that people see right above your bio and if you use good keywords on that line chances are that you can easily show up when people search for those keywords, so it would be good to do this regardless of whether you have a good username or not.

One more thing you want to do when setting up an account is choose your category in your profile section, this helps Instagram understand in which section they should put you in, this isn’t overall very effective but if you do it from the start and you post something very specific it can help push all your content in front of people who would actually be into that sort of content.

Post regularly

Like most social media platforms Instagram likes it when you are consistent with your posts, and the more you upload the more your posts will be pushed out by the algorithm, the pages that grow the fastest organically usually are the ones that post about 2-3 times a day.

It is understandable that some type of content can’t be posted as regular but if you can still post at least once or twice per week it is enough for you to create a consistent growth, in these cases you must make sure that your posts are as engaging as possible and you post them at a time when your audience is very active, this information can be found in your insight settings. 

When you can’t post regularly, try to get as many people as possible to save your posts, like, comment and even share. These are key things that instagram looks at when deciding if a post is good enough for their attention and if they should boost the reach.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are little names or words that go after the symbol (#) at the bottom of your caption, the words used are often something little to describe the post or what it’s about, it can also be the name of a category, this is so that your posts land on the explore page or in front of users who like similar posts or checkout other posts in that category. 

With instagram being very popular and overcrowded there can be times and periods where hashtags are not really working or it’s just pushing the content to the wrong audience, but for the majority of the time they seem to be effective and can definitely generate a lot more likes, reach and even followers.

A good advice would be to do some research on trending hashtags or popular hashtags used by other accounts similar to yours or on similar posts that are doing well, this will help boost the reach of your content more than the other hashtags.

Jump on trends

Trends are currently the best way of attracting a huge amount of new followers to your page, most content creators go viral because they take advantage of trends.

Trends can be a lot of things, Instagram often adds new tools, filters,etc.. to stay up to date and so that the platform does not become boring. Currently the best trending tools are Reels and sounds, they both have now been around for some time, however there are new trending sounds every week that you can use to get a lot of views. This is Instagram’s take on the TikTok videos, most people will know that TikTok has started to increase their audience massively in the last few years and a lot of people have been going viral on the platform by using trending sounds or hashtags, so Instagram has been doing a similar thing (you could say they have also jumped on a trend) 

Follow similar pages to yours

One small final tip that can help you grow and in generally benefit your page is to follow other accounts similar to yours, this isn’t going to bring a huge amount of followers, however if you have a page that is somewhat based around a specific niche, you will find that others who are very invested in that category will follow you. This is great for the page as it is a good way to rank higher for that niche and the algorithm will start suggesting your page more often when anyone searches or likes posts that are related to your niche.

Meet The Team – Jacob

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The Team

Jacob Vint
Business Development Executive

Jacob Vint. Business Development Executive

Jacob started working as an account manager for The Bright Click in July 2021. He lives at home in Bury St Edmunds with his girlfriend Mia.

The Team's Questions For Jacob

Click on the boxes to reveal his answers

Favourite fil & why?
"Any of the Cornetto Trilogy. Popping them on is like chatting to an old friend, I might know most of the words but the punchlines hit just the same"
Pet lion or pet jaguar?
"Jaguar, sounds cooler and is a bit more metal. Like a Jaguar that I could ride into battle that shoots lasers from it’s eyes please. Like a cheesy 80s prog rock album cover. Lions just sleep all the time"
if you could change your name for a day, what would it be?
"Jacob 2.0, just so that I could pretend to be the new and improved Jacob for a day"
What law would you make that every person had to follow?
"Similar to National Service, at the age of 16 every UK citizen has to have a job where you have to interact with the public. Working in a shop, or a restaurant. Everybody needs to truly understand what catering for the masses is like. I’d hope it would make a generation of more well adjusted people"
What would be the theme tune to your life and why?
"Two cymbals, crashing together. Endlessly"
What’s been your best achievement so far while working at The Bright Click?
"My self-confidence has grown massively. I am a very outwardly confident individual, yet I have never been confident in myself. I feel that through hosting client interactions, and slowly growing more faith in the merit of my work"
What’s helped you settle most into your role so far?
"An understanding set of colleagues. The knowledge that it is okay to make mistakes"
Strangest thing about Southerners?
"As I have recently moved down here, I have noticed a few quirks you folks have. The most blaring difference is how you guys seem to be so accepting to pay absolutely wild amounts for a beer at the pub"
Do you collect anything?
"Bad habits"
What is the silliest item you bought or considered buying?
"I am the proud owner of a kangaroo scrotum. Obviously it is tanned leather so it doesn’t look all that offensive. I got it as a kid. Used to keep my marbles in it and try to freak out other children"
Were you well-behaved or naughty at school?
"Somewhere in the middle. Homework is for chumps. More school after school?! Absolutely not. I am still willing to die on that hill"
What’s your favourite fizzy drink and why?
"Prosecco. It has time bending properties that science hasn’t fully understood yet. Drink some of it and your whole evening disappears. Marvellous stuff!"
Would you show your browser history to the rest of the team?
"I daren’t have a look at my own history. Them 3am curiosity googles get weird"
Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the smartest?
"The funniest. I’d rather bring joy into a room than critical thinking"
Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future?
"10 minutes into the future... now that is something I could get behind. Only if I can change my timeline. I can pop 10 minutes ahead, see which horse wins, and make a bet"
What’s your guilty pleasure song?
"Mcfly, 5 Colours In Her Hair. Belting tune"

Meet The Team – Peter

768 960 Claire Archer-Davis

The Team

Peter Cox
Account Manager

Peter Cox. Account Manager

Peter started working as an account manager and graphic designer for The Bright Click in January 2015. He lives at home in Essex with his wife Jane & Daughter Evie.

The Team's Questions For Peter

Click on the boxes to reveal his answers

You are given the chance to write a successful, blockbuster movie. What genre would you choose and why?
"Fantasy. I’m actually currently in the middle of writing a novel with one of my friends based in a fantasy world, so watch this space. Might get Brooke to direct it"
You’ve released a game which involves the main character on a mission to save the planet from extinction… what would you call it?
"Peter Saves Christmas"
What's the strangest gift you've ever received?
"A pink thong"
What's your most favourite family tradition?
"Recently installing an Xmas Eve Zoom call with everybody. Enforced by Covid but continuing with it as it was so much fun"
What do you love most about the design work you do?
"Having an idea in your head and then creating something from that out of nothing is extremely rewarding"
If you could relocate to anywhere in the world – where would it be and why?
"Somewhere really cold. I love the cold and the snow. Warm log cabin, remote and surrounding by wilderness. As long as there’s good WiFi"
What is something you recently learned?
"How to put a TV up on the wall (I’m terrible at DIY)"
What can you talk about for hours?
What’s your favourite season of Big Brother and why?
"Big Brother 6. I was in college doing a multimedia course and got tickets to go to one of the evictions (Roberto I think his name was). It was actually really fun"
What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
"Foo Fighters supported by my favourite band of all time, Biffy Clyro, at Milton Keynes Bowl. Amazing!"
If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?
"I’d teleport to Anfield. What a place"
The zombie apocalypse is coming. Who are the 3 people you want on your team?
"2 clones of myself and Samuel L. Jackson"
If you had to play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"Final Fantasy 7"
What band would you be embarrassed to admit you listen to?
"Whitesnake (I love a power ballad) "
If you ran the world what’s one thing that you’d change?
"How currency works"
Are there any weird food combos that you really enjoy?
"When I was in college I used to eat Chicago Town Pizza sandwiches. Yes, I know…"

Four easy (and free) ways to win new business before christmas

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I’ll cut straight to the chase with this post – I’m writing simply to give you some ideas on how to drive new enquiries, in the hope of adding some revenue to your bottom line ahead of the Christmas break (which will be here before we know it!) and to give you momentum to take into 2022, which should be a prosperous year for us all business-wise. 

The beauty of these four strategies is that they’re all free, easily implementable (you can start today) and that I’ve used all of them in my own marketing to win new business this year, and so they come with my own personal seal of approval – they’re tried and tested and the proof is most definitely in the pudding. 

So let’s not mess about and dive straight into strategy number one…


We’ve built our business to date pretty much entirely on referrals – it’s something we pride ourselves on. Across the last ten years, we’ve consistently done a great job for our clients, who’ve then referred us to their clients. The more clients we have, the more referrals we get – it’s been brilliant for us. 

But when was the last time you *asked* for a referral? 

Your customers and clients all have vast networks of decision makers / business owners, and within these networks are your ideal customers and clients too – all you need to do is ask. 

I’ve done this myself and it’s worked brilliantly well for me – I’d 100% recommend giving this a try. 

I recorded a short (1 minute) video on this from an event a couple of years back – you can give it a watch here

Google My Business / Bing Places

This continues to be a vastly overlooked / under-utilised element of most people’s digital marketing strategy, which is shocking given quite how powerful it can be when used properly, and also how easy it is to use. 

It may well be the ‘World Wide Web’ but the majority of Google / Bing searches for services revolve around ‘local’. 

What I’ve searched for recently on Google, for example: 

  • Where / when I can see the new Bond movie
  • Vegetarian restaurants in Kingston 
  • A local plumber
  • Places to park near the O2 Arena 

If you’ve already got a Google My Business account – have you optimised it fully? Have you covered all of the categories in terms of the services that your business offers? Are you posting to it with an update at least weekly? Google LOVES it if you do!

Could you ask for some more reviews? We did this last year and it worked brilliantly.

There’s almost certainly more you could be doing to maximise your local exposure on this channel. 

If you haven’t got a Google My Business account – where have you been?! 

You can sign up for one for FREE here: https://google.co.uk/business. 

You can do all of the above on Bing Places too – more people are using Bing than you might be think… it really doesn’t hurt to be there. It’s also free and you can sign up here: https://www.bingplaces.com/ 

Search Engine Optimisation

There are lots of simple things you can do to improve the basic performance of your website, you don’t have to be an expert.

A really simple way to get started is to request a free audit of your website using the form on this page. We’ll send you a report detailing a whole bunch of things you can do to improve your site performance and ultimately your rankings too. There’s no obligation or hard-sell or anything like that – it will just highlight some areas for improvement. 

Other things you can do quickly and for free – 

  • Post a new blog and publicise it on Social Media – Google loves this and it gives you a chance to get more keywords into your site, plus a reason to send new content out to your followers. 
  • Create a new Case Study. Case Studies are amazing for SEO! If you’re an electrician, and you create a case study about a re-wiring in Hammersmith, then the content by default will contain keywords such as ‘Electrician / Re-wire / Hammersmith’ – giving you a great chance of ranking on Google for a combination of these keywords should someone search for this. And the best bit is that if they do, they’ll find incredibly relatable content there waiting for them – they will be looking at a real-world example of exactly the service that they’re looking for. So the more case studies, the better! 
  • Check your page titles have the appropriate keywords included. If you’re an electrician in Hammersmith – your homepage title should ideally include this terminology, rather than just say ‘Home’ for example. 
  • Interlink between pages on your website. Google is all about user-experience, so make it as easy as possible for visitors to navigate seamlessly around your website. Link blog posts to static pages where applicable. Make sure your navigation is well-structured. Double-check that all of this works just as well on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. 

Have questions about any of the above points so far? You can book a free one-off digital audit with myself or a member of the team right now – choose a date and time to suit you here.  

OK, here’s your final tip for today 😀

Email Marketing. 

Sending a mailshot out to your list and adding as much value to this as you can is a great thing to do. You’re the expert in what you do, so you’re in a great position to offer free help or advice to clients / prospective clients / suppliers / partners.

Email marketing is a brilliant way to do this. And if you’ve managed to read all the way down here to this point, then I’d hope that you’re agreeing with me! 

You don’t need to ‘sell’ via email marketing.

Every time we send a mailshot out to the database it produces some kind of response, but the main thing we’re looking to do is add value and build trust.

Not everybody on your list will be looking to buy right now, but when they’re ready, they’ll know where to come. 

So how do you do it?

I’d recommend Mailchimp, which we use to send emails out for loads of our clients, and it works brilliantly. There’s a free version available if you don’t mind the Mailchimp logo being on the footer of your email and your list isn’t huge, but even the paid version is affordable to most small businesses. 

It’s very intuitive to use, with drag and drop templates, all GDPR compliant (just follow their guidelines) and great reporting too, so you can see who’s opened your email, who’s clicked on the links and so on. 

You can even combine some of the above points by writing a blog post, publicising it on Google My Business and sending an email out to your database for them to read it! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you’ve found it useful. 

If you have questions or want to discuss your marketing in more detail, just a reminder that we are offering free one hour slots for you do to do so (you don’t have to take the whole hour of course, but it’s there if you need it 😊). 

You can book in using the link here. 

Cheers and enjoy the rest of your week! 


PS if you do implement any of the tips mentioned above then please let me know – I’d love to know how you get on.