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Most business-owners would argue that having a website is a fundamental, essential requirement. It almost goes without saying, if you’ve got a business, you need a website.
However, your website shouldn’t be an afterthought. Or a box-tick.
It’s your chance to impress a potential customer before you’ve even spoken with them. To showcase your business and the amazing service or products that you offer in all of their glory.
It’s also an opportunity to think about your ideal customer, and to make sure that your website answers any questions that they’re likely to be considering. The ‘whys’ as well as the ‘whats’.
As well as a brochure, your website should be your number one marketing tool. Optimised with dazzling copy and technical wizardry, it should be easy to find on Google, and then ready to convert the searcher into a customer.
All too often we meet with clients whose websites aren’t delivering the right results for them –perhaps not achieving the rankings they would like, or not generating traffic or leads.



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Genba Digital

It’s one thing to have a great looking website, but it’s another to get it working for you, and to attract the visitors that it deserves.
Custom designs, crisp images, embedded video, social media feeds – we’ll take care of this of course.
But we’re a marketing agency underneath – and we want the world to know about your new site!
All copy is keyword optimised wherever possible – we will always do our best to ensure that the on-page SEO for the site is set up correctly from day one. We don’t only offer web design – we put real thought into writing meta descriptions and SEO titles, we think about what people are going to type into Google in order to find your site.
We’re also totally transparent. We’ll stay in touch with you every step of the way and we won’t rest until the project is signed off – we have strong account management backgrounds and we aim to continue to provide the absolute highest levels of client services with an incredibly personal touch.
Your new site will look just as good on a smartphone as it does on a laptop – it will load quickly even on a 3G connection, and it will contain smart calls-to-action across all pages to give your visitors every opportunity to easily get in touch.
We have our own dedicated super-fast and reliable hosting, and for peace of mind a copy of your site is backed up overnight, every night.
We’ve built over 200 websites since 2012 – whether e-commerce, brochure or service-led,  we’d love to build one for you too.

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