What you can do today to improve your SEO

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Do you have an active blog? If not…Start one right now. 

Who are you? A veterinary clinic in Suffolk. Then write a blog on ‘Top 10 things NOT to feed your dog’. 

Throw in some keywords you know people will search for:  ‘Here at the Veterinary Clinic in Suffolk, we take Canine diets very seriously’.

Throw in some links to other respected sources of information within your industry, Google loves it. 

Make sure your Headings aren’t just normal text made bold. Tag them as H1,H2,H3 etc. Here’s a handy guide on what that means and why search engines love it. 

Make sure you set up a reminder in your diary, post on your blog at least once a month. 

You could take part in our Free SEO Audit, which should point you in the right direction on how to rank on the first page of Google. 

Keep the content fresh and active. Be reactive! Has something happened in your industry that others are talking about? Jump on the bandwagon. 

Google will love to see that you are sharing your expertise and knowledge of your industry, and will rank you accordingly. If you are using WordPress to build your website, have a look at the Yoast Plugin, which makes optimising blogs an absolute breeze. 

If you want to have a conversation with us about how you can improve your SEO through honing in on the correct keywords, book a meeting with us today. No obligation, no charge, just a chat with a member of our team to help you strategise on how to best utilise your website to make sales. 

Join us next week, where we will be taking a deeper dive into keyword research, and how you can set the cat among the pigeons within your industry. 

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