Why We Use WordPress

March 30th 2021

The Bright Click

there are currently over 75 million active WordPress websites worldwide

WordPress started out primarily as a blogging platform, designed to give aspiring bloggers, journalists and content writers an easy way to get their stories online without needing to know how to code. 

Due to increasing demand for these services, it started to expand its capabilities from a simple one page blog to extra pages, in order that the blogger could tell their readers more about themselves, or perhaps display some links to other sites. 

And from there – the WordPress website era was born. 

Initially, designs were limited to primitive themes, but as WordPress is open source software, third-party developers started to create fresh themes, plugins and ideas in order to expand on the basis of what had been created to date – and quickly a worldwide community of developers was born, to the extent that WordPress was quickly becoming the go-to platform on which to build your new website. 

So, when I started my business in 2010, that’s what I did. With the help of my good friend Mark, I built a WordPress website for my new venture. 

Yes it was basic. 

No it didn’t look great. 

But it was my website, and I loved it. 

One of the main reasons I loved it, was that it was easy to add content to, and incredibly simple to maintain. 

A friend of mine then asked me to build him a website. I told him that I didn’t build websites, to which he replied “ah OK, then can you put me in touch with the person who built yours”.

And over 200 WordPress website builds later – here we are 😊

The beauty of WordPress is despite massive advancements in the technology, and the quality of sites that can now be produced by experts like our team here at The Bright Click, the Content Management System (CMS) hasn’t really changed much since then  – and that’s one of the reasons that I still love it today. 

And you’ll love it too. 

Adding and removing content is simple, you can put the world to rights by adding a blog post directly from your smartphone if you want to. 

And because of its blogging heritage, Google LOVES WordPress. 
Google crawls WordPress sites in a unique way, and typically ranks WordPress sites higher than others in its results. 

Which is one of the reasons why there are currently over 75 million active WordPress websites worldwide. 

And yours could be the next one… call us today on 020 3131 2230 or click here to drop us a line…

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