Social Media Marketing

Anderson Group approached The Bright Click, seeking assistance in enhancing their online presence as a new build property developer with large projects in Faversham and Sudbury.

Specifically they wanted social media management and sought our expertise in this area to help them grow organically in this area.

Initial Hurdles

Using their brand guidelnes we skillfully developed captivating, tailored posts aimed at elevating Anderson Group's brand recognition across various social media platforms, with a primary focus on Instagram and Facebook.

Despite encountering obstacles such as the necessity to create a new Instagram page for the Faversham site and facing limitations in accessing the Facebook business manager for paid advertising, we flexibly adjusted our approach to ensure optimal impact within these confines, whilst working with Meta directly to help solves any teething issues.

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When we launched, the Sudbury site had five homes remaining for sale. Our strategy included a mix of sales-oriented posts and general engaging content, incorporating calls-to-action (CTA). We drove attention to these homes, resulting in the completion of sales for the remaining properties.

In Faversham Lakes, the initial phase had nearly sold out, and we shifted our focus to promoting the newly released second phase. Our content strategy for this phase mirrored that of Sudbury, utilising a blend of sales-centric posts, showcasing the variety of new homes available, localised content, testimonials, and engaging posts to captivate the audience.

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Our efforts extended beyond traditional sales posts, as we promoted events. One recent event, the "Get Glowing Event" at Faversham Lakes, attracted approximately 20+ attendees, including both residents and potential buyers. This event was extensively promoted on social media, creating a blend of community engagement and prospective customer interaction with the ultimate goal of tangible leads and the potential of a very high ticket house sale.

Initially, we maintained a frequency of three posts per week for both sites. Presently, we continue this frequency for Faversham Lakes, focusing on localised content, fun facts, and testimonials. However, for Chilton Place, where all homes have been sold, we have adjusted our strategy to a weekly post, emphasising engaging content to maintain community interest, giving Anderson Group constant flexibility in our service and costs.

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In summary, our approach involved following brand guidelines, overcoming access challenges, and tailoring our content strategy to suit the unique characteristics of each site, resulting in increased brand awareness, successful sales, and enhanced community engagement for Anderson Group. We continue and extremely successful relationship with them today.

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