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The client, a prestigious hotel, was looking to enhance its event sales strategy, especially during the holiday season. They wanted to create an immersive and user-friendly experience for potential guests interested in attending events hosted at the hotel, with a specific focus on Christmas parties.


The hotel faced challenges in effectively showcasing event details, including menus, and capturing potential attendees' interest. Their existing approach did not fully leverage the online space to drive ticket sales and generate enquiries, particularly for Christmas parties.
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To address the client's needs, we proposed the development of a dedicated WooCommerce Events Landing Page. This page would serve as a centralised hub for showcasing upcoming events, providing detailed information, displaying menus, and integrating a contact form to streamline enquiries and reservations.

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User-Friendly Design:

We designed an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly layout for the landing page.

The page incorporated high-quality images, enticing event descriptions, and easy navigation to enhance the overall user experience.

WooCommerce Integration:

Utilising WooCommerce, we created a seamless ticketing system for events hosted at the hotel.

Each event had a dedicated product page, making it easy for users to view event details, select ticket options, and make purchases directly through the website.

Menus Showcase:

To entice potential attendees, we included a section showcasing event menus. This allowed guests to preview the culinary delights they could enjoy during the events.

Contact Form Integration:

A strategically placed and visually appealing contact form was integrated into the landing page.

The form collected essential information from users interested in events, making it convenient for them to enquire about specific details or make reservations.

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Increased Ticket Sales:

The WooCommerce Events Landing Page resulted in a significant increase in ticket sales for various events hosted by the hotel.

The streamlined ticketing process facilitated quick and secure transactions, contributing to a positive user experience.

Christmas Party Enquiries Surge:

The dedicated section for Christmas parties attracted substantial attention.

The integrated contact form received over 30 enquiries for Christmas parties, indicating a heightened interest in hosting events at the hotel during the festive season.

Large-Scale Christmas Party Booking:

Among the enquiries received, one notable success story emerged—a booking for a Christmas party accommodating 300 people.

The streamlined enquiry process played a crucial role in securing this large-scale booking.
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Some Key Points

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Increase Various Event Ticket Sales

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impressions icon

30 Additional Xmas Party Bookings

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reach icon

Noted 300 Person Booking

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Streamlined Booking Process


The implementation of a WooCommerce Events Landing Page not only boosted ticket sales for regular events but also significantly increased enquiries for Christmas parties. The success of securing a booking for a large-scale Christmas party demonstrated the effectiveness of the user-friendly design, WooCommerce integration, and the strategic placement of the contact form in driving customer engagement and conversions for the hotel's events. This case study highlights the transformative impact of a well-executed online strategy on event sales and bookings.

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