Search Engine Optimisation

The roofing industry in London is a competitive one. A quick search for ‘London Roofers’ shows over 3 million results.

That’s a lot of competition.

This is the market Roofpro found themselves in, and so they approached us to try and gain some visibility amongst their competitors.

They are based in Teddington but covering most of London, so this was a brand that could offer many services to many people, as long as they could be found. So their question was, how?

This led them to The Bright Click and our search engine optimisation (SEO) service.

The Problem

If something goes wrong on your roof, or you are planning a project and need a quote on some work, the first thing you will probably turn to is a search engine, probably Google.

With the rise of smartphones, the accessibility of picking up a phone and searching for a term in seconds means that ranking high up on a search engine results page (SERP) is vital in catching the eye of potential customers.

With a business such as Roofpro, appearing high up on Google was vital, and so they looked towards implementing an SEO strategy so that they would appear for local searches and be the first name a potential client sees when looking for help.

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Our Strategy

We really wanted a quick start on this project, so began to work quickly on climbing the SERPs.

To do this, we carried out some research, including:

Keyword research – what we ended up with was a list of keywords we would initially target. These were often low keyword difficulty and were marked as attainable. We also found some higher difficulty keywords which would be targeted over the long run but would bring in high amounts of search volume if reached.

Site audit – We carried out a full site audit and pinpointed any issues that may be holding the site back.

Competitor research – it’s always vital to know what you’re up against, so we looked into some of the brands and businesses we would be sharing the SERPs with to gain some insight into them.

With a wealth of information now on our hands, we got to work...

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On-page SEO

With our list of keywords, we began to optimise the current site so that it could target some keywords. This included changing meta titles, H1 headings, and adjusting content.

We also began to add new content, in the form of service pages that were heavily focused to have the best choice of ranking highly for specific terms. We also created a blog and a content plan based on our keyword research and started to produce content that would boost the authority and make our visibility wide-reaching across the roofing industry.

We saw some great results from these, but more on that later.

Other on-page tactics we adopted were formatting the site in a way that was visually appealing, including optimising images as well as making sure every page had meta descriptions and all internal linking was having the wanted effect.

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Off-page SEO

A key part of SEO is showing a search engine that it can trust you as an authority in your chosen industry.

A great way to do this is by building backlinks.

We immediately implemented a strategy of building directory links and also looked for websites in which we may attain a link and reached out.

Another off-page strategy was in the form of Google My Business, and through building and optimising this, we soon made Roofpro much more visible.

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Technical SEO

For search engines to love a site, it has to work well.

With a comprehensive site audit, we got a clear look at the site, and any issues that were on it.

Things like site speed, broken links, missing title tags and meta descriptions, duplicate content, and much more were analysed and any issues were quickly fixed so that the site was in the healthiest position possible.

All this, alongside connecting the site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, provided us with clear information on the progress being made.

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It wasn’t long before Roofpro started to climb the rankings.

The website currently holds the number 1 spot for keywords such as commercial roofing London, single ply roofing London, and roof light installation London and hold positions in the top 3 on Google My Business for terms such as flat roofing Teddington and roofers Teddington.

And we don’t stop there, with some great keywords such as green roofing London, lead roofing London, and flat roofing installation London all occupying the top spots.

Our number of ranking keywords has risen from under 50 to over 300:


This led to a big increase in expected traffic:


We also built up our backlinks, as shown in this chart:


With the work we carried out on the technical aspect of the site, we managed to achieve a site health score of 98%, which puts us well above the average on our SEO tool, which is 77%.


Our client was extremely pleased with the work and the results on the business were clear with an increase in authority, visibility, and most importantly, organic leads and we continue a fantastic ongoing working relationship today.

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