Digital Marketing Campaign

The Bright Click took on an exciting challenge: crafting a fantastic proposal for our current client, Veggi Wash, aimed at boosting their brand visibility and ramping up website sales.

We had the freedom to introduce an appealing offer, but our main focus was on creating a smart and cost-effective plan that would really work. Our goal wasn't just to innovate but to design a strategy that blended promotion, engaging the audience, and optimising conversions, all aimed at giving Veggi Wash a bigger market presence and turbocharging their online sales.

So how did we do it?

Our Idea

Organic social media output on Facebook and Instagram as well as ads with geo-targeting and split testing in the initial stages.

Landing page creation to promote a FREE sample (one per customer) as the CTA for marketing.

Bounce back voucher and follow-up email campaign.

fb image


Out went the social content and ads, promoting the FREE sample of a Veggi Wipe, a product which was extremely light and therefore perfect for a free cost-effectively delivery to customers. The call to action for all content was a tailored landing page.

Each ad was targeted not only geographically but also tailored around the behaviors and buying patterns of users. It was important to reach the right people, those likely to resonate with the product. To achieve this we worked closely with Veggi Wash to ensure targeting was accurate.

FB ad example copy

Landing Page

It was important for the landing page to be on brand and the mechanics to ensure only people living in the UK could enter.

We used their website's platform (Wordpress in this instance) to build the landing page, ensuring all free Veggi Wipe requests went to the correct members of the Veggi Wash team, but also that the form was synced with their chosen email marketing platform (MailChimp in this instance), which we will come to shortly!

landin page

Voucher Code

With every free Veggi Wipe, we designed a voucher with an approved 15% discount code for their next purchase and a QR code to direct the recipient back to the Veggi Wash website.

This was an important step as the aim was to provide the recipient with free Veggi Wipe, showcasing the quality of the product and not only try to gain further sales, but give a further incentive to purchasing after use.


Follow-up Email Marketing

The final piece of the puzzle was to follow-up with the recipients of the free Veggi Wipe who hadn't yet made use of their voucher by sending them an automation sequence reminding them of the 15% discount code that was available exclusively for them.

Users would be automatically removed from the email automation after clicking the link to visit the website to ensure there was no spamming of the offer over the course of the 3 part email sequence.


Some Key Stats

Engagement icon
Engagement icon

550 Free Veggi Wipe Requests

impressions icon
impressions icon

72,000 Impressions

reach icon
reach icon

36,000 Reach

campaign icon
campaign icon

9.09% Sales Conversion


Reflecting on this campaign with Veggi Wash has been incredibly rewarding for us at The Bright Click. Our goal was simple: boost Veggi Wash's online sales while making a meaningful impact in the market and boosting their brand awareness, specifically for a selected product. And we must say, the results speak volumes!

Crafting a digital marketing campaign that blended social media flair, targeted ads, and an enticing offer—free Veggi Wipes—was both exciting and strategically effective. The landing page, carefully aligned with Veggi Wash's brand, ensured our UK audience had easy access to these fantastic products.

The response was great—550 requests for Veggi Wipes, reaching over 72,000 impressions and engaging 36,000 potential buyers! The highlight? A stellar 9.09% conversion rate that turned interest into tangible sales.

This success wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative spirit of the Veggi Wash team and the dedication of ours at The Bright Click. Together, we've made significant strides in enhancing Veggi Wash's online presence.

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