Google’s Mobile Changes Are Coming Soon – What You Need To Know

April 15, 2015 mattd

Google Statement

shutterstock_196913075Dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ and ‘Mo-pocalypse’, Google is making changes to the way it ranks search results. The changes will take effect from April 21 2015, and will affect search rankings for those not prepared.


What exactly is changing?

From April 21 2015, Google will begin to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in mobile device search results.


This mean that websites which are not designed to give an optimal experience for mobile users will experience a drop in Google rankings for searches carried out on devices such as smartphones or tablets.


How will this affect businesses?

Many businesses rely on prospective clients and customers finding them through web searches. Increasingly (now over 60%) these searches are carried out on mobile devices. If your website loses visibility in Google, it will reduce your web traffic and have a knock on effect on sales.


Take steps today to avoid shooting to the bottom of Google’s rankings. Contact us by filling in the simple form below and we’ll tell you what you can do to optimise your site for mobile users.

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