Is BeReal The Next Big Social Platform?

September 30, 2022 Jacob Vint

‘BeReal’ has had continuous growth since its creation in 2021, its unique take on a social platform is what makes it different from the rest. 

Created by ex-Go-Pro employee Alexis Berreyat and Kevin Perreau, the premise of the platform is that every day at a random time, you are prompted to take a picture with the front and the back camera at the same time. 

For those living a life filled with adventure, this prospect is an excellent way to show off which mountain they are currently climbing, or that they are in A&E looking to get stitched up. For those working a 9-5 and watching netflix every night, expect pictures of the mundane… the inside of an office cubicle, and the friday night chippy you have been excited all week about.  

What sets ‘BeReal’ apart from its competitors is a unique function that no other social platform has. To view the content posted by your friends, you have to post your own content first. So no inactive scrolling without posting, to scroll, you must post. 

This idea of an ‘opt-in’ social media platform is somewhat new, reddit and other forums often have a ‘karma’ based scoring system, in which the individual often has to have a good reputation to be able to post content. But the idea that you cannot see the content without posting is certainly a unique take on what a social platform is. 

Are other platforms worried?

Well, Instagram recently released a dual camera functionality which has become fairly popular. But we have seen this before haven’t we? 

Snapchat adds the Stories feature, Instagram adds it too. Tik Tok gets popular, Instagram leans into promoting short form-video reels. 

But have those additions really mattered? What ‘BeReal’ is trying to achieve through having random time prompts to post is a higher state of authenticity within its users. Something that is sorely lacking in all social media platforms due to the very nature of them being social media platforms. 

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