New Charity-Based Social Media Website Launched

December 1, 2010 mattd

OK – here’s a great thing.

Chris Hughes, one of the original founders of Facebook (and also one of the key members of Barack Obama’s election campaign), has founded a new charity-based social media site aiming to ‘connect individuals and organisations working to change the world’ is not a million miles away from Facebook – users can update their status, provide links and engage with friends, as well as follow organisations of their choice.

Any user can create a page for a specific issue,  and a ‘donation’ button can even be added to the page (subject to the organisation being registered with America’s Internal Revenue  service, which is fair enough).

It’s also very easy to integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds into the site, hopefully meaning that any transition will be seamless enough to encourage users of these sites to engage with Jumo sooner rather than later.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


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