The Museum Of Me

June 1, 2011 mattd

I’ve just seen one of the most impressive sites I’ve ever stumbled across.

It’s made by Computer Processor giant Intel and is called Museum of Me , and I urge you to try it out.

It’s a showcase of everything that’s brilliant about Social Media – it works by logging into your Facebook account and then creating a museum dedicated to… you!

Once logged in, Intel takes you tour of your museum, which has rooms dedicated to your life, your friends, places you’ve been, things you’ve liked and even a huge screen (which looks like something from a U2 concert!) displaying words from your status updates.

Yes it’s a little ego-centric and although in my head I’d like to think that a Matt Davis Museum would have huge global appeal, the fact is I’d probably just about be able to persuade my wife to pop in and take a look – but regardless, treat yourself to three fascinating minutes of pure self-indulgence by clicking here to see your own.

Enjoy 🙂

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