October 28, 2022 mattd

We’re all guilty of it (myself definitely included) – our intentions are great but when it comes to keeping our blog updated with fresh content, it can be very much ‘feast and famine’ am I right? 

The thing is, that blogging (and adding fresh website content in general), remains an extremely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

 Here are six good reasons why: 

  1. Your website contains ‘static’ pages that rarely change. Adding a ‘dynamic’ element such as a blog gives you the opportunity to grow your website. If it only has six pages now, adding a new blog post every month for a year means that in twelve months it will have 18 pages instead! Much more content for Google to find when people are searching for terms related to your business! 
  2. Google LOVES finding fresh content when it crawls your site and it will rank your website more highly as a reward. 
  3. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your authority on a variety of subjects within your niche. If you own a roofing business you can talk about roofing repairs, the difference between lead and slate roofing, the benefits of having a roof garden – the sky is the limit! 
  4. By default, this adds contextual content to your site. There’s only so many times you can say ‘Roofer in London’ on your website, but adding context to this via blog posts enables Google to understand more about where you are and what you do. 
  5. It also gives you great content to post across your social media channels, impressing your followers and keeping them engaged in the process! 
  6. You can send the content out in an e-newsletter too, just like this one 🙂

Keep your content fresh and relative to your audience. Be reactive! Has something happened in your industry that others are talking about? Jump on the bandwagon. 

Google will love to see that you are sharing your expertise and knowledge of your industry, and will rank you accordingly.

Need some help or inspiration to get a blog posted this afternoon? Hit ‘reply’ and I’ll see what I can do 🙂 

Thanks and best wishes, 


PS Want to book a chat to discuss your SEO strategy in a bit more detail? You can do so here. 

PPS – If you are using a WordPress website, have a look at the Yoast Plugin, which makes optimising blogs an absolute breeze. 

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