What makes a logo design great?

July 29, 2019 Claire Archer-Davis

Your logo is the face of your business, so it’s important that you are 100% happy, both with how it looks and with how it is perceived by your customers.
At The Bright Click, we have our ‘in-house’ team of experienced graphic designers who have a catalogue of logos designs that have been created for our customers.

Here, we talk you through the qualities that a great logo should have:

1 – Logos should be unique and fit your brand.
Your logo should stand out without being too trendy – it needs to be relevant to the brand and the intended customers. A good logo should be enduring so don’t use trendy fonts and colours. You want your logo to pass the test of time and not have to be redesigned after a year or so because it looks tired or dated.

2 – Your logo should be able to be reproduced in various media and still be effective.
Your logo should be versatile – you should be able to print in black and white or greyscale and in full colour. You should be able to print in different sizes without pixelation. You should be able to use your logo with various media such as being distributed online, in broadcast and with other electronic devices including mobile applications.

3 – Your logo should be simple but not overly simplistic.
Don’t make your logo too busy or cluttered. A well-designed logo is simple, yet effective – simplicity helps to make a logo memorable!

4 – People should be able to recall a brand by looking at the brand logo.
Your logo should be unique and different from your competitors. You want it to stand out and for people to be able to see it and recall your business – Use our tips to make your logo memorable!

5 – Your logo should be aesthetically pleasing.
Lastly, you want your logo to look beautiful. This one goes without saying – your logo needs to be easy on the eye. People should be happy to look at it and it should not be in any way aesthetically offensive.

If you would like to talk to our graphic designer about how they can create the perfect logo for your business, then please get in touch with us today.
We are always happy to help!

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