Search Engine optimisation (seo)

SEO has evolved massively since we started this business back in 2012 – it’s virtually unrecognisable from what it used to be.

Since that time, The Bright Click has grown in knowledge, leading it to become a go-to local SEO agency for many clients around Staines, Teddington and throughout the UK.

Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce SEO agency, or perhaps SEO for estate agents, our experienced team are always up to date on the latest trends and methods used in on-page, off-page and technical SEO

Dodgy backlinks, white text on a white background, keyword-stuffing, we’ve seen it all and thankfully these ‘black-hat’ techniques are now largely confined to history.

SEO in 2022 is all about doing the things that Google likes to see, and doing them well, and consistently.

It’s about giving the user what they’re looking for, and providing the best experience for them that you can.

That means compelling content, fast page loading, mobile-responsiveness, strong calls-to-action and other factors that make Google (and the other search engines) happy.

Typically Our SEO Packages

look like this

Initally we run:

A performance audit on your website and report back with any suggested changes

A keyword audit to see which keywords your site currently ranks for, alongside associated monthly search volumes

Reports to see how your competitors’ websites perform and which keywords they currently rank for

We also:

Connect your site to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and our specialist software to make sure that Google is indexing your site fully, and understands what your site is about

Create a strategy in line with your objectives – initially based around organic traffic and search, and in time in line with sales and conversion objectives.

Then on a monthly basis we’ll:

  • Run a monthly keyword report in order to ascertain the best value keywords to go after (usually high-volume, lower competition keywords in the short-term, we’ll also have longer-term keywords to target)
  • Send you three templates per month in order for you to write content that is optimised specifically for these keywords (or we can write these for you if you’d prefer)
  • Proactively work through the site and suggest changes to enhance the performance of existing content wherever possible. This includes changes to page titles, meta descriptions, content, internal links and more.
  • Run a technical check of the site on a regular basis to make sure that the on-page performance is maintained – we’ll make proactive suggestions to improve elements where required. Where we can fix these issues ourselves we will.
  • Create ongoing directory listings and citations in order to create authoritative backlinks to the site, as well as potential extra traffic
  • Make suggestions in relation to other places to potentially provide guest content that can link back to the site.
  • Provide a monthly progress report, demonstrating rankings and traffic, with a bullet-pointed summary that we’ll be happy to discuss with you on a pre-booked monthly call.
  • Attend quarterly Zoom progress meetings to discuss strategy and the evolution of the campaigns.

Want to see how SEO might work

for your business?

To request a free, no-obligation website audit, please enter your details in the form below, and follow the instructions in the email that you receive back from us.  


“The Bright Click have been a great help to our business, their ability to explain in plain English how we can improve our online presence and then set out and follow a clear plan of action is a credit to the fun and knowledgeable team they employ. I would highly recommend The Bright Click to any organisation that wants to stand out from the crowd, work with an organisation that really cares and have a partner that is great fun to work with!”

Ian Perkins

What are the three pillars of SEO?

While you’re on here, why don’t we give you a quick run-through of the three elements of SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is exactly what it says on the tin, the SEO on the webpage.

This includes content, which should be accurate, accessible to readers and optimised for keywords.

And this doesn’t just apply to written content, as optimising images and making your page visually appealing is hugely important.

Your page must also be quick, and well formatted for both mobile and desktop devices. 

Another vital part of on page SEO are H-titles. These are headings and subheadings that are important in allowing users (and Google) to quickly learn what your article is about, and they make a great place to add some keywords! And while on the topic of titles, making sure your appearance on the SERP (search engine results page) is perfect in attracting new users and boosting rankings requires well thought out and optimised meta title and meta descriptions. 

And don’t forget linking. Whether sending links to a external website to build authority, or simply linking to your own website, it’s important to make sure all links are accurate and are best optimised.

Off Page SEO

So, if you have your on page SEO covered, it’s time to focus on the off page elements. 

This includes building backlinks. 

A backlink is important as it helps to build authority in the eyes of Google. The more well-respected sites that make reference to your own, the better in showing Google that your site should be higher ranked.

So, how do you build backlinks?

Well, there’s many ways, such as building directory listings, guest-blogging, and also reaching out to website owners and content writers. Another great way is by creating great content that people will refer to organically, and this is where we can help. Whether sending content templates or fully written articles, we can make sure your content is in the best condition possible to be linked to.

Off page SEO is all about getting your brand recognised, so working on social media profiles and Google My Business listings can provide a real boost!

Technical SEO

And finally, we complete the SEO trifecta with technical SEO.

This contains the behind the scenes elements that keep a site healthy.

From working on site speeds and page indexing, to ensuring you don’t get penalised for duplicate content by adding canonical tags and avoiding broken links by adding 301 redirects, our development team work alongside our SEO team to ensure your site health is always strong.

Our tools provide a percentage score regularly and we are always checking to make sure there’s nothing slowing your site down on its rise up the search engine pages.

So, for SEO in Staines, Teddington and beyond, get in touch with The Bright Click today.