5 Spooky Ideas You Should Use On Your Social For Halloween!

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It’s only a few weeks now until Halloween and we’re already enjoying some spooky social fun with our clients. As we’ve been throwing over some ideas to use on their social media, to give that “extra something” across the eerily lively period, we’ve seen how many of our clients come out of their shell with ideas and creative thinking. It’s really refreshing!

It’s something we’re always expressing the importance of, not just because seasonal events are fun, but it just gives an extra angle to selling your service or products. So whether you’re wanting to sell some remaining stock, gain an extra lead or 2, or simply get some bums on seats, it’s important to think about your Halloween strategy across the important 2 week period.

So, without further ado, here are 5 ideas you should be using across your social media this Halloween.

1. A Halloween themed offer or discount.
Put together a nice and enticing offer or discount to your customers, and this year specifically perhaps run it between 22nd October and 4th November. Whilst Halloween is a brilliant time to start a promo, there’s a limited period to take advantage of. Anything outside of a week either side of Halloween is a bit of a no, no; so stick within the confines of these dates to get some real traction.

We’re working closely with a client to produce a 10% off the bill across the 2 week period. It just gives an extra excuse to fire out an offer, however basic it may be.

2. Photo contest.
For some extra engagement across your social media channels, you could run a photo contest, asking customers to send in pics of them or their kids in their spooky Halloween costumes. People love to share and giving them an excuse and reason to, will always go down well.
It will increase your engagement, whilst reaching new likeminded potential customers at the same time. You could even offer a nice prize for the best dressed and whilst that’s not essential, it will definitely gain even more entries.

3. Update your creative.
Add some spooky looking creative to your social channels across that pinpointed 2 week period. It’s a good excuse to make a nice change to the same old creative you have active on a regular basis and is guaranteed to make people stop and look at what you’re up to.
It’s amazing what a spider web, pumpkin or cheeky ghost can do to increase that extra brand awareness and ensure your customers hit that like button.

4. Have some fun with your posts.
Whilst you might feel like it’s a bit risky posting silly memes or GIFs, always remember that you’re on social media, you’re invading people’s personal profiles; so a little bit of fun can go a long way. It’s important to add the “sell sell” posts to your social channels, of course, but remember to have some fun too and what more of an excuse than a cheesy Halloween GIF, or series of spooky jokes, to keep your customers laughing with you as well understanding what exactly it is you do.

5. Dress Up
Whether you’re a Restaurant or an Estate Agent, you’re allowed to have fun and if your customers see this, they’ll be more inclined to engage with you if you’re giving off a more personable persona. So buy a silly hat, spend 5 minutes in the office applying a bit of face paint and let your customers know you’re not the same old stuffy brand and you’re willing to have a bit of fun. Post out your pics and enjoy watching the laughing emojis flow through your channels. It’s really important to have a laugh at yourself. Sure, there’s a time and a place, but that time is Halloween!

Remember, this is all good engagement and there’s no shame in having a laugh at your brand or with your customers. I guarantee it’ll improve your relationship with your clients and more importantly gain that extra brand awareness you need to attract more.

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