Truly Giving - How You Can Help A Child This Christmas

December 13, 2023 Matt Archer-Davis

Truly Giving was founded by Susie Hayward in 2018 - Susie realised that there is no budget for children in care and that many children in the UK will go without gifts on Christmas Day - something that the majority of us take for granted. 

I was introduced to Susie earlier this year and was humbled to learn about her and the charity's mission, and the incredible progress they've made since their inception just five years or so ago. 


Truly Giving is a registered not-for-profit organisation working with social services, children’s agencies and charities to provide individualised gifts to children and young people in the local area.


Their aim is to ensure no child goes without and will again be helping the Children of Surrey and the South East this Christmas. This year they are pleased to be working with multiple charities and agencies to reach as many children and young people as they can.


You can watch more here: 

We were thrilled to be able to build a new website for Susie and her team in order for them to facilitate their growth - our wonderful colleague Tanmay and his team gave his time with no charge in order to do so. 


You can visit their site and find out how you can help here - donations start from just £20. 




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