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What you can do today to improve your SEO

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Do you have an active blog? If not…Start one right now. 

Who are you? A veterinary clinic in Suffolk. Then write a blog on ‘Top 10 things NOT to feed your dog’. 

Throw in some keywords you know people will search for:  ‘Here at the Veterinary Clinic in Suffolk, we take Canine diets very seriously’.

Throw in some links to other respected sources of information within your industry, Google loves it. 

Make sure your Headings aren’t just normal text made bold. Tag them as H1,H2,H3 etc. Here’s a handy guide on what that means and why search engines love it. 

Make sure you set up a reminder in your diary, post on your blog at least once a month. 

You could take part in our Free SEO Audit, which should point you in the right direction on how to rank on the first page of Google. 

Keep the content fresh and active. Be reactive! Has something happened in your industry that others are talking about? Jump on the bandwagon. 

Google will love to see that you are sharing your expertise and knowledge of your industry, and will rank you accordingly. If you are using WordPress to build your website, have a look at the Yoast Plugin, which makes optimising blogs an absolute breeze. 

If you want to have a conversation with us about how you can improve your SEO through honing in on the correct keywords, book a meeting with us today. No obligation, no charge, just a chat with a member of our team to help you strategise on how to best utilise your website to make sales. 

Join us next week, where we will be taking a deeper dive into keyword research, and how you can set the cat among the pigeons within your industry. 

What is SEO? And how you can easily improve yours…

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results, how this visibility is affected is down to a multitude of factors.

Some can be improved with ease, others with a little more work, but let’s have a look at what you can do – TODAY – to improve your website’s visibility.

Search engines are constantly changing the way that they index information, meaning that organic searches will change with the ebbs and flows of updates, here are a few best practices that have yielded results for companies since the birth of Google. 

Google is constantly looking for high quality, relevant information from a search inquiry. If your website looks like a wealth of knowledge, with an expert as its author, you should rank highly.

To help you rank highly, Google will take a few other aspects of your site into consideration.

  • Having high quality Links to high authority websites. For example, Backlinking a source in a blog is really good practice, but if an authoritative site such as BBC linked to your website then that would be even better! 
  • How do people engage with your site? Do people sit and read the content on a page because it is valuable… or do they bounce off of that page due to it not being relevant?
  • How fast does your site run? Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Does your site reflect ‘keyword’ terms that people are searching for within your niche?

This is just scratching the surface on what Google is asking for you to rank highly. So, what can you do to start your journey into building a high ranking website? (ultimately, all of this leads to better sales, it’s a no-brainer really). 

For some more in depth research, have a look at Google’s guide on SEO.

Your first steps in Search Engine Optimisation is to determine what you want to optimise for. 

Are you a Gym in Brixton? Well you best get to work littering your site with how you are the best Gym in London, especially Brixton. 

There are a few key factors to take into account when determining keywords you want to target on your account: Search Volume – Relevance – Competition. 

What you can do today to improve your SEO

Do you have an active blog? If not…Start one right now. 

Who are you? A veterinary clinic in Suffolk. Then write a blog on ‘Top 10 things NOT to feed your dog’. 

Throw in some keywords you know people will search for:  ‘Here at the Veterinary Clinic in Suffolk, we take Canine diets very seriously’.

Throw in some links to other respected sources of information within your industry, Google loves it. 

Make sure your Headings aren’t just normal text made bold. Tag them as H1,H2,H3 etc. Here’s a handy guide on what that means and why search engines love it. 

Make sure you set up a reminder in your diary, post on your blog at least once a month. 

Keep the content fresh and active. Be reactive! Has something happened in your industry that others are talking about? Jump on the bandwagon. 

Google will love to see that you are sharing your expertise and knowledge of your industry, and will rank you accordingly. If you are using WordPress to build your website, have a look at the Yoast Plugin, which makes optimising blogs an absolute breeze. 

If you want to have a conversation with us about how you can improve your SEO through honing in on the correct keywords, book a meeting with us today. No obligation, no charge, just a chat with a member of our team to help you strategise on how to best utilise your website to make sales.

How to punch above your weight

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Can I let you into a little secret?

I’m a big Brentford FC fan. 

Although these days, I’m less inclined to keep this a secret… as back in May, after 74 years in relative obscurity (and at one point just twelve years ago flirting with relegation from the football league) we were promoted to the Premier League.

Having been to about 500 games over the last 38 years or so, to finally reach the promised land was a dream I thought could never be achieved, the main reason being that The Championship (the league below the Premier League) is famously one of the most competitive leagues in the world, and Brentford were one of the ‘smallest’ clubs competing, having been promoted from League One seven years ago.

And tonight, we kick the season off at home to the mighty Arsenal. And *if* we win, then for a few hours at least, we’ll be top of the Premier League.

The Championship features at least three teams every season who have been relegated from the Premier League. These teams receive ‘parachute payments’ when they’re relegated, in order that they can continue to pay players who’ve been signed on Premier League contracts and of course, wages. 

This gives the relegated teams a huge advantage, as they can often hold onto these players and bounce straight back up. A number of teams have subsequently ‘yo-yo’d’ between the Premier League and The Championship across the last few years since these payments were introduced. 

On top of this, there are loads of traditionally ‘big’ clubs in The Championship, each owning a big stadium, and regularly attracting crowds of over 30,000 people.

Brentford’s old ground, Griffin Park, had a capacity of 12,000, and their new ground, as yet largely un-used due to Covid, has a capacity of 17,500.

Factor this in with various other elements, and last season Brentford had the 17th lowest playing budget of the 24 teams in The Championship. 

But in February, after a 21 game unbeaten run, we were top. 

And in May, after a small blip, we were promoted via the play-offs at Wembley Stadium – one of three teams to achieve promotion from the 24 vying for this at the start of the season.

So how did they punch so massively above their weight?

By thinking and doing things differently to everyone else. 

They use data-driven information to find players in lower leagues, often in Europe, who are over-performing at the level they’re playing at, and who are unlikely to have been noticed yet.

They carry out further analysis on these players to make sure that they fit the positive culture of the club and will act as ambassadors as well as footballers.

These players help the club to achieve increased success, and have been sold on for over ten times what was paid for them. 

This enables the club to re-invest in new players as well as in facilities, infrastructure and the club’s financial future. 

The compound result of the implementation of this strategy, repeated and evolved over the last ten years, has seen the club now competing at the highest domestic level, and rubbing shoulders with Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City etc as equals for at least the next 38 games and hopefully beyond. 

Why am I telling you this?

Well, aside from taking any opportunity to talk about my beloved team, you can think like this within your business too.

Using data, and implementing a strategic approach, repeated month on month, year on year, can produce amazing results, and see you soar above your competitors, whoever they are. 

The compound effect of making gradual improvements to your website, testing what works and what doesn’t, repeating and enhancing the things that are going well and tracking your efforts, means that your website can rise up the rankings in the way that Brentford have climbed up the league tables.  

Analysing your competitors is an often overlooked element in digital marketing, and this is good news, because it means that your competitors probably aren’t analysing you! This gives you a massive advantage over the competition when trying to get ahead of the game in making sure that potential customers are contacting you before them.

Our specialist software can see where your competitors rank on Google, for which keywords they’re ranking for, and even if they’re doing advertising, and how long they’ve been doing it for. If they’ve been doing it for a while, it’s probably working, and is probably something you should be doing too.

If you’re running your own Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, you can not only get yourself to the top of Google as quickly as you want to (by the end of the day if you really wanted to!) but you also get access to the *exact* terms that visitors to your website are typing into Google to find you. This means you can use this data to inform which of these keywords might be good to optimise your website for organically, meaning that visitors can then find your website without you having to pay for it.

Mining this type of data can often mean finding keywords that you didn’t even know related to your business, or understanding search volumes in a way that you didn’t before. You could have been underachieving for a certain keyword for years, missing vital traffic, leads and sales, but having this type of knowledge can change all of that in a heartbeat.

When sending out an e-newsletter, or posting a blog post (such as this one) – you can analyse who opened the email, who clicked on the links, which devices the article was most popular on. This can show you who the most engaged people in your audience are, and also inform you as to which types of email / posts to send in the future. You might find that your best open rates are on a Friday for example… hence while you’re reading this particular article today 😉

Social Media insights can also give you a wealth of knowledge on your audience when used properly, and when using the FB Pixel on your website, you can build audiences and then create lookalikes of this audience to market to.

The point of all of this is that there are now quite a few teams of Brentford’s size and stature employing the techniques that Brentford have used on their rise to the Premier League, but they’re ten years behind.

Brentford are the 50th team to ever play in the Premier League as we know it today. That means that there are 30-odd teams who used to be in the Premier League but who aren’t anymore. Doing things ‘the old way’ or ‘how we’ve always done them’ doesn’t cut it long-term. You have to adapt (in the current climate more so than ever) and you have to think differently.

So if you’ve no idea how many people visit your website or what they type to get there, if you’ve been running ads but they’re not working in the way that you expected or if you’re wondering why your competitors, even if they’re perceived to be smaller than you, are winning all the business that you want to be winning instead, then we should talk 😊

You can book a Zoom meeting directly into my diary by clicking here:

Or give me a buzz on 020 3131 2230 and we can have a chat over the phone – I promise I’ll only talk about Brentford a little bit. Honest.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,


Four New Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

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With the 2020 pandemic really throwing a spanner into the works with most brands digital marketing plans, what can we expect to trend as we move into 2021?

We have seen a huge shift in consumer behaviour because of the effects of lockdowns and more people being put on furlough or working from home. Many people suspect that a lot of these new consumer behaviours will have a lasting effect going forward.

So while it looks like 2021 may be the year of the vaccine, and hopefully a slow return to more normal consumer behaviour, you can expect some newly developed buying habits taken up in 2020 will stick around and become the new normal.

No matter how the next year pans out, we have every expectation that digital advertising will have a bright future as more people are going online for their product information, to read customer reviews and to buy products and services.

How digital channels are benefiting from the pandemic

With more people staying at home for the past few months, we have seen a huge boom in the use of online digital channels to help maintain connections with family, friends and work colleagues.

You only need to look at how Zoom has exploded in popularity, not to mention their stock prices going through the roof as a result of the pandemic. TikTok also experienced explosive growth this past year. But what about digital marketing? What can we expect to trend in 2021? Here are four digital marketing strategies we think will trend during 2021.

1: Consumer behaviour will permanently change

The effect of the pandemic on customer behaviour has been significant, and most likely will be enduring. Marketing experts from Ipsos and McKinsey now indicate that digital marketers will need to focus more on value-based messaging and pricing as people’s purse strings will continue to tighten as the economy starts to recover.

Brands will now need to research how the pandemic has impacted their customers, their industry and even their employees. Digital marketers will use their research results to form their short and long-term media messaging.

With virtual events seeing an explosion in growth, digital marketers will likely be using these as a staple of their marketing plans. This makes sense as conferences and trade shows are struggling to adapt to this new environment.

2: Brands will become more responsible

With consumer awareness of environmental, social and ethical issues on the rise, brands will start to focus on becoming more transparent about their business practices and show that they draw from ethical and sustainable sources.

Branding messages will be more targeted towards attracting enlightened customers who choose to buy from ethical companies with a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

3: Businesses will embrace digital transformations

With business activities shifting online during the pandemic, more brands will be adopting digital marketing to deliver everything from information about their products and services to purchase, delivery and follow up customer services.

4: Influencer marketing will continue to grow

Social media influencers have been popular targets for consumer brands for a few years now, but it is predicted that they will be used even more in 2021 to present authentic unbiased opinions of products and services to their peers and dedicated followers.

Experiencing the pandemic has shown how much influencers have impacted online sales due to the restricted access that people have had to shops during the recent lockdowns. A recent report showed that 40% of people interviewed purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

Because social media use has dramatically increased over the last year, researchers believe this trend will be very long-lasting. Our team at The Bright Click believe that 2021 will be a year full of hope and positivity for digital marketing, which is something we all need as we exit one of the strangest years in history.

We would like to help you improve your digital marketing performance in 2021, so why not contact our friendly team at The Bright Click to see how we can help to boost your digital engagement and sales next year – and into the future!

The Importance of Keeping on top of your Digital Marketing During Lockdown

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The Importance of Keeping on top of your Digital Marketing During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on many businesses, both large and small. With so many companies needing to cut back on internal costs to get them through the lockdown, it is important to remember that there are still things you can do to help stop you from losing clients right now, one of which is to carry on with your digital marketing plans.
For smaller businesses, losing clients at this time can be more devastating than for larger businesses with more cash reserves. However, while you may need to close your physical store, and office, or temporarily stop supplying your services, you can change your tactics and shift your focus to keeping up your digital contact with your customers or clients.
Regardless of how many loyal customers or clients your business has, you will want to think about what impact the pandemic is having on them. If you offer specialist products or services that are very niche, then it will be safe to say that most of your customers will have been affected in a similar way.
You need to think of ways to reach out to your customers to reassure them that you are still here and will be there for them once the lockdown has been completely lifted. This is an important step to help you to retain their business.

Maintaining Your Digital Marketing Contact

No matter what business you are in, it is vital that you keep on top of your marketing activities at this time.  As you can still carry on with your digital marketing without needing to be in physical contact with your client base this is the best option for you right now.
It is important to keep marketing your brand, improve your SEO, and continue to raise awareness of your products or services if you want to retain existing customers and attract new customers from your target audience.
As a lot of your existing and potential new clients are spending more time in isolation at home you could say that you have a very captive audience that may be turning to the internet and social media for information, contact and entertainment right now.
Your digital marketing practices, just like your other business practices, can be adjusted to help get you through the lockdown and be used for forge even stronger bonds with your customers.

Where You Need To Focus Right Now

Let’s take a look at what social and digital marketing tools and techniques you should be using more now and how it can benefit your business during the lockdown and beyond.

Digital marketing tools: This refers to the wealth of tools you have at your fingertips, such as planning and running Google AdWords campaigns and using MailChimp split email marketing to send tailored campaigns to your different audiences or targeting warm and cold prospects with different messages and offers.

Digital interviews and discussions: The lockdown has seen an explosion of savvy business people taking to YouTube and other video and virtual streaming channels to hold interviews and record testimonials with leading influencers or successful people in their field. You can talk about your products and services and discuss their benefits or how they have helped individuals to resolve their issues.

Social media marketing: During the lockdown, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. have seen a huge spike in user activity. Other than for keeping in contact with friends and family, people use social media to keep up to date with their favourite brands and business news. This is an ideal time to put more effort into your social media accounts to boost your brand personality, engage with your customers and offer plenty of useful advice and information that they will find useful.

Content marketing: As businesses will now have more of a captive audience and more people will be relying on digital media channels for news and information, now is a great time to create and release interesting press releases and creating content for news sites. A lot of businesses have been posting articles about how they are approaching the pandemic and what steps they have taken to protect their staff while still delivering a service to their customers. Positive news like this can be reassuring for your audience and will still help to create a buzz about your brand because you are showing the human side of your business.

Video marketing: Many businesses use video marketing as a part of their social media marketing strategies. Short, informative videos allow you to get your message across in a fun and visual way that doesn’t need any concentration from your audience. Video’s grab the attention of your customers and if you make them easily shareable via social media, your customers are more likely to share a short, useful video than a lengthy article.

Useful Digital Marketing Tips

Your choice of digital marketing tools will depend on the type of business you run. But regardless of your niche or industry, there are a few general rules that you should stick to with regard to your marketing approach. Here are things to consider:

  • Your content should help people
  • You need to be flexible with your services
  • Your message should be positive and uplifting
  • Make your content engaging and valuable (and shareable)
  • Create conversations rather than blanket statements
  • Respond to your customer comments and questions

Don’t forget to reach out for professional help when you need to. Our team at Bright Click are here to support your digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Why not get in touch with us at the Bright Click today to discuss your need. We are here to help!


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How Coronavirus is Affecting the Marketing Industry

940 788 Claire Archer-Davis

To start, let’s just acknowledge the fact that Coronavirus
is bad. Very bad. We are sure that just about everyone reading this has someone
especially vulnerable in their immediate circle that they will be very worried

No matter whether you are busily self-isolating yourself,
working from home or feeling a bit overwhelmed about the whole situation, just
about everyone has been affected by Coronavirus in some way or other.

While this nasty virus has become a major world event that
is dominating the news, it does undoubtedly offer business brands quite a
unique opportunity. Although we may find it an uncomfortable truth, this crisis
does provide a platform for the marketing industry to work from.

How traditional marketing has been affected

There is no doubt that traditional forms of marketing have taken a hit. As we fully expect the country to continue in full lockdown, as has happened in other countries, with our outings suddenly curtailed in such a drastic way, people are now turning to social media for a sense of community and connectedness with other human beings.

For most business brands, this has resulted in a switch to
more online, digital ads and marketing campaigns instead.

TV advertising has also seen a cut in revenue of around 10%
due to coronavirus, according to data from ITV. The main reason for this is the
cancellation of all major sporting events, and therefore sponsorship deals are
also going into decline as a result.

The possible boom in online marketing

Many industry experts are now predicting a boost in digital
ad spend over the next few weeks while most of the population will be confined
in their homes. Consumers will most likely turn to online sources of
information and will, therefore, spend more money online than ever before
simply because they cannot leave the house to go shopping.

There already has been a big increase in mobile and social
media marketing opportunities because increasing numbers of people have
starting to work remotely from home over recent years. This pandemic alone has
made 4 in 10 of us check the news online more frequently than before.

Marketing experts are predicting that businesses will be
increasing their social media ad spend due to the increased use of social media
by people looking for news, information and entertainment while they are
isolating themselves at home.

The value of content creation

With people’s attention remarkably focused on online sources
of information, and with most finding a new abundance of free time on their
hands, marketers have never had a more attentive audience for their work!

Marketing is a very optimistic industry, so in this time of
high anxiety and stress, there is a great opportunity to bring accurate and
positive information to the general masses. Marketers can leverage their
position to inform people and deliver information seekers with positive things
during the duration of the epidemic.

By taking a positive, pro-active approach with your
marketing, you can create a great first impression on your new customers and
reinforce your trustworthiness with your existing customer base by delivering
high-quality, accurate and useful content.

Marketers now have a golden opportunity to create a solid
bond with there consumers built on integrity and trust that will last for
longer than Covid-19.

How the Bright Click can help!

If you are now wondering what content people need during the
spread of the coronavirus, then we are in a position to help you. What we do
know is that we have a responsibility to provide the right kind of marketing
content right now that not only helps to reassure your customers and give them
positive news about the brands they love, but also spreads a little kindness at
this time of great strife.

Now more than ever, people will be turning to their
favourite brands for some familiar comfort and solace. So your business needs
to be working with a professional company, such as Bright Click, to ensure that
you are sending out the right message at this time.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

You might also be interested in watching Matt’s recent webinar – Six Digital Elements You Can Implement Today To Prepare Yourself For The Upturn

What Will Be the Digital Marketing Trends for 2020?

940 788 Claire Archer-Davis

So here we are! Back in the office and feeling refreshed after last month’s festivities and some much enjoyed family time!

As we move into the first full working week of 2020 we cast our eyes to the New Year horizon and take a peek at what digital marketing experts predict will be trending during 2020.

Social media marketing in 2020


The main social media platforms have now become the bread and butter staple for anyone working in the digital marketing world. Just about any business of any significant worth will need a presence on social media to be successful and this isn’t set to change any time soon!

However, there are ever-shifting new trends to master within social media and the hot topics for 2020 are predicted to be:

Social Listening


Over the years successful marketing strategies have shifted from the business owner creating a product or service and telling their customers to buy it, to now actually listening to what consumers really need or desire, and then creating a product or service to meet those needs.

Social Media Data collection and analysis will continue to be very important to enable a company to plan and tweak their marketing campaigns to appeal to its target audience.

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the number of social listening tools, so there is no excuse for any business not to take advantage of these tools to gain the valuable data and insights that they provide.

Social Stories


Social Stories can be now be viewed as ‘ephemeral content’ not dissimilar to daily news stories that were printed in newspapers for decades. Social Stories provide readers with a ‘what’s happening right now’ glimpse into someone’s life or a shared experience that makes readers feel more included.

These short-lived stories are very much like the daily newspapers of old that were read with interest and then discarded the next day. But for businesses, this style of engagement is great for building excitement around the launching of a new product or service.

People love to be ‘the first to know’ so in 2020 marketers should continue to give their audience what they want.

Virtual Reality technology


The adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology will continue to grow throughout 2020. Marketing experts predict that this technology will become even more prevalent for social media users because they are now demanding even more engaging and immersive experiences with the things they love.

As ever, Facebook seems to be on top of their game here with the creation of ‘Horizon’, which is a virtual reality world for people to explore, play games and engage with others. It is predicted that this will be the future of social media because where Facebook goes, others will usually follow!

Instagram and Snapchat users are already adopting elements or AR in the form of photo filters that add creative elements to your photos, such as sunglasses, frames, bunny ears and noses etc.

Direct Messaging (DM)


Direct Messaging has moved on from a simple on-screen chat with your nearest and dearest to a means for digital marketers to share their information.

People do like the personal touch so will be receptive to a message about an upcoming event, special offer or news about a topic they are interested in. It can make them feel more included and singled out for special attention, but you need to be careful not to spam or send random marketing messages that your customer data shows they wouldn’t be interested in.

Virtual Chatbots


Again, Facebook is leading the trend for innovation into using instant or live chat applications that include a Chatbox function. This isn’t something that many businesses are doing as yet, but marketing experts predict that this is a trend that will take off in the business world in 2020.

Many websites now offer integration for the Facebook messenger platform, which means that your customers can enquire about your products or services via Facebook rather than having to visit your website directly to engage with you.

Using your Facebook Messenger Bot (your chatbot) you can automate your replies to instantly give a response to any enquiries.

Live video streams


Although videos have been a useful marketing and information delivery tool for many years, more recently customers are looking to engage ‘in the moment’ through live streaming videos. Live streaming gives the viewer a better sense of being present and part of the action as it unfolds in front of their eyes rather than them having to watch a ‘catch-up’ video message.

A great advantage of using regular live streaming video is the ‘surprise element’ you can offer your live viewers. This can be by inviting in a special guest that was kept a secret, an instant limited offer just for live viewers or a live competition where you have to be present to have a chance of winning.

More targeted personalisation


Although marketing techniques that include personalisation has been in existence for a few years, it is still a technique that is evolving on social media.

Businesses will now be more focussed on using customer data to better target social media ads to users. So for example, if a person was to click on an ad on Facebook, more ads for similar products or services will start to appear within their live feed.

The more these ads are clicked on, the better understanding marketers will get about customer preferences and how they choose to buy. This will mean 2020 will see more personalised ads appearing that are more suited to a customers taste and preferences.

More online communities


Social media communities have been around for a while now, but they have only recently started to explode in popularity over the past few years.

Groups can be formed on social media platforms in many ways – based on a hobby or interest, a local connection for a real-world community group, or another form of an old-fashioned celebrity fan club.

Businesses can also launch community groups around their own products and services to help with engagement and brand building. Jammie Dodgers community group, anyone?

5 (More) Apps Every Digital Marketer Should Have On Their Phone

560 315 Claire Archer-Davis

A good digital marketer should be planning, producing content, monitoring results and communicating with clients on the go, and thanks to smartphones and tablets, you are never too far from the information that you need to succeed. Here are 5 (more) apps that all digital marketers should have access to at all times. Have a look at our previous article for another 5 great apps to help make your digital marketing plan more successful!

  1. BeLive.Tv
    This freemium app allows you to stream live to Facebook Live but in a more structured, user-friendly way. Offering split-screens, frames, name tags and the ability to show comments on your Facebook live screen, this is a great way to add a bit more interest to any Facebook live broadcasts you plan to do.
  2. Adobe Spark Post
    Ideal for creating graphics on the go, Adobe’s templates are what really makes this app unbeatable. Use pre-made templates and text, add your own product photo and you’re on your way in a matter of seconds. Perfect for blog headers, Facebook graphics or even Instagram quotes, this is a cracker little app that is worth its weight in gold; you can even add animated portions to really catch your audience’s eye!
  3. Anders Pink
    Anders Pink looks at the content that your target audience are engaging and interacting with most so you don’t have to. Ideal for finding the important topics and articles that are going to generate interest with your specific demographic so you can share them with them or create similar content that you know will get engagement time after time.
  4. Iconosquare
    If Instagram is a part of your digital marketing strategy, then Iconosquare is a real time saver. With this app you can schedule, plan and view insights for any Instagram posts you may want to share. From telling you when the best time to post is to allowing multiple profiles to be assigned to your account, this really is your one-stop-shop for Instagram marketing.
  5. Google Ads
    A great way to quickly make new ads, tweak current ads, or just see how your ads are performing, the Google Ads app is a good way for you to keep an eye on how your ads are performing and to work out any changes that you could make.

5 Apps Every Digital Marketer Should Have on Their Phone

560 315 Claire Archer-Davis

A good digital marketer should be planning, producing content, monitoring results and communicating with clients on the go, and thanks to smartphones and tablets, you are never too far from the information that you need to succeed. Here are 5 apps that all digital marketers should have access to at all times.

1. Google Primer
This one is for those who are just venturing into the world of digital marketing. Google Primer is a Google run app which actually teaches you everything you need to know about digital marketing through lessons on everything from business planning and management to sales, advertising, social media and SEO. Perfect for when you have five minutes between meetings, this app will keep your digital marketing skills sharp.

2. Perch
Perch is a free app which allows you to quickly and easily see any social mentions that your company receives. This means that you can always be on top of any queries or questions that customers might have, as well as keeping an eye on what people are saying about you online. Another useful aspect of this app is that you can add a list of your competitors to see what people are saying about them too.

3. Fiverr
The largest marketplace for digital services, Fiverr is great for when you need a new logo on the cheap, or you would like a video made to help boost your campaign. Allowing you to communicate and place orders with freelancers across the world, Fiverr is a great app to have if you don’t have any existing contacts when it comes to graphic design, writing, branding or proofreading.

4. Google My Business
If you have your own business, you need to have Google My Business on your phone! This simple app allows you to quickly update your opening hours, change your business bio, add posts to your business page or upload photos to keep your business’s Google listing up to date and looking good.

5. Google Analytics
There’s no point in doing lots of work if you don’t know that it will yield results and that’s why the Google Analytics app is a must for any digital marketer worth their salt. You can track real-time users, the effectiveness of your landing pages, conversions and so much more with this app from Google.

4 (More) Fool Proof Digital Marketing Tips

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In our last article we had a look at some of the tried and tested digital marketing strategies that are always successful when it comes to boosting your business online. From video marketing and Facebook ads to contacting influencers and producing great content, there are loads of ‘old school’ ways to marketing your business digitally, and here are a few more.

When it comes to appealing to your target audience, it’s important that you’re always innovating, coming up with unique ideas and staying ahead of the competition. It may sound silly, and a little bit too simple, but you need to constantly be reinventing yourself instead of resting on your laurels and relying on the same techniques you’ve always used. The fact that you’re reading this article right now shows that you’re already looking for new ideas which is a great sign that you’re already on the right track.

You could have the best product in the world, but unless you start building up your brand, people will forget about you in no time. A great fail-safe for if you start to produce other products, or different services than the ones you’re known for, building a name for yourself will allow customers to know who is behind the products that they use and to recognise when you’re branching out.

Loads of brands and businesses (especially smaller ones) put a digital marketing plan into place and then forget about the fact that they’re actually trying to garner results from it. Looking at the results of your online ads and social posts is a great way to know what works for your audience, but remember to keep your content true to the message you want to convey. Instead of constantly just posting soulless posts that get loads of hits, you need a balance between personal content and the stuff that really drives those conversions to appeal to customers long term.

It can often be overwhelming when you want to increase your engagement by 25% or raise your followers by 1000, but the key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to work on small manageable chunks and chip away at your ultimate goal. Having small successes all the time is a great boost for morale and also a great way for you to gauge how your progress is coming along.

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