5 Digital Marketing Techniques To Increase Brand Awareness

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If done right, increasing your brand awareness is one of the least expensive forms of digital marketing and one of the most effective ways to get your name in people’s minds.

Depending on what type of business or service you offer, there are various ways that you can convey your brand and message to potential customers and thanks to the expansive world of digital marketing; there are loads of techniques you can try to raise awareness of your brand. Whether you use all of these tips, or just a few, here are five ideas to get you started.

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1. Live Stream
Live is the next big thing in digital marketing, and with so many different platforms offering live options it’s now easier than ever to share live updates with your followers and potential followers. Platforms such as Facebook are pushing live content, and it’s a great idea to jump on the bandwagon while they are prioritising and showing off live streams.

A unique and exciting way to share content, you can use live streaming to share product reviews, talk directly to customers, share news or even just show people what behind the scenes of your company looks like. Depending on the platform used, customers and potential customers can interact in real-time, and after the streaming has ended, so you can receive a useful insight into what people think.

2. Run a Blog
Forget long-form articles packed with boring information and far too much text, blogs have come a long way in recent years and are still as relevant as ever. Anyone who is anyone runs a blog, no matter what field your business is in, and micro-blogging is the most impactful way to increase your brand awareness, with short, punchy blog posts that are full of media like videos, gifs and great images that people will want to share.

Blogs are used to deliver interesting and relevant information to your potential customers and should be geared towards being shareable, relatable and should always contain a simple, clear call to action that allows someone to easily be converted into a paying customer.

3. Social Influencers
Your key allies in the world of digital marketing will be social influencers, who are people or companies online that your customers respect and listen to, and if played right you can arrange for these social influencers to review your products and share their findings with thousands if not millions of new leads, or even to run a competition on their social pages that will help to spread the word about your brand.

You can also combine both your blog and social influencers by featuring guest blogs on your blogging platform written by interesting and influential people that your readers will care about.

4. Product Placement
Product placement itself may not seem very cutting edge, but with Virtual Reality and augmented reality becoming big business, this is a relatively unexplored area of digital marketing.

The International Data Corporation estimates that the value of the Virtual Reality market will reach $162 billion by the year 2020 and with the likes of the latest iPhone being optimised for VR, now is definitely the time to get ahead of the crowd, and investigate how potential customers can become immersed in your brand’s message.

5. Create infographics
Everyone is looking for shareable content, and after being bombarded all day long with images, articles and videos, your potential customers now have less time than ever to devote to reading and understanding content, and that is why the infographic is rising the ranks of digital media.

Depending on the field your brand is in, an informative, aesthetically pleasing and exciting infographic can be shared on your social media platforms, on other people’s social media pages and can even be emailed out to other blogs and brands that might be interested in featuring your infographic in their articles or websites. The key to infographic creation to make sure your brand name and logo is easily visible and not likely to be cropped out, so your brand can be shared.

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