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The Bright Click web development teamWhether you run an online store, a popular blog, or a simple information point for your business; having an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website is the key to your success online. Long gone are the days where word of mouth alone can make or break a business, it’s all about your online appearance now, so why not look try and look your best?

Realistically, you could have the best product or service in the world, but unless you can actually capture those potential customers via an intuitive and workable website, people will end up not even being able to find your website in the first place, or finding it and getting frustrated, and all leads will be lost.

You could genuinely have the next million-pound idea, but who has time to learn how to build an entire website, as well as launching a successful business or blog? Well, that’s where The Bright Click come in! With an expert team of people who each specialise in their own aspect and area of website building, we will follow your project step by step, making sure that each and every facet of your website is taken care of, resulting in the perfect website for you. By allowing us to create the perfect landing page and accompanying website for your business, you can let us do all of the boring tech stuff, so you can fully concentrate your attention on your real passions and inspirations. 

If you do choose to work with us at The Bright Click, you’ll be handing your precious vision over to us, so it’s only right that you get to know the team! In terms of creating your website, Claire, Peter and Dan will be hand-crafting and personally testing each and every aspect of the design and function to ensure that it works perfectly for your customers, and our unique way of working means that you will be kept informedat each stage of the process. 

(You can see some of our recent creations here!)

Each and every website starts off with Claire, our ‘SEO Maestro’ who skilfully develops a sitemap for your entire website which is basically a map of what pages and sections you will have featured throughout. She will also devise and allocates keywords for each of the pages on your site so that the customers who may be interested in your services can find what you have to offer quickly and easily through an onlinesearch engine like Google. You could have the best product or content in the world, but unless your customers can find you through these keywords, your website is useless: the content will be there, but no one will be able to find it. For example, if you run a hair dressing business, it would be extremely helpful to feature relevant words such as “hair”, “salon”, “blow dry” and “trim” as much as possible so that search engines learn to direct potential customers who search for those words online to your business. 

Once your sitemap and keywords are firmly in place, all of the content, media and images relating to the project are passed over to Peter, our talented web-designer who will liaise with you and come up with the initial design ideas for your website. Whether you have a clear vision for how you would like your website to look, or you don’t have the first idea what your customers are looking for, Peter will guide you through this process using his years of expertise to form a series of ideas that will become the basis of your future website. This is an extremely exciting stage of the process, and we cater to all styles of website and design, no matter what ideas you have or haven’t got.

Once the overall design vision has been approved by you, the project is then placed in our experienced web developer Dan’s capable hands. Here, he will construct the website and build you a fully functional site based on Claire’s sitemap and Peter’s design before passing it back to Claire who does the final checks to ensure that all SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on each page is optimised for maximum impact. It is at this stage that page titles, meta descriptions and all of that complicated sounding (but very, very important) stuff is added, alongside analytics so you can track the progress of each aspect of your website to see what your customers like, and what doesn’t work for them at all.  Details are also submitted to Google search console, which is a free service offered by Google which helps your website to maintain its presence in the search results when potential customers look for words related to your business or service. 

At The Bright Click we fully understand that all of this website development jargon and talk of SEO can often sound confusing and get you down when you’re trying to run a successful business or blog, and if you’re not already familiar with what it takes to build a fantastic looking, user-friendly interface, we are genuinely here to help. Our passion is creating the most fitting and great looking website we can to get you sales!

We are a friendly, reliable and talented team of people looking to take all of those website building troubles off your hands so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business. Affordable, approachable and with a unique way of working, each member of our team strives to create the most fabulous website for you and your business that not only looks great whether you view it on a desktop, mobile or tablet, but one that also drives customers to your business with each and every click.

For more information or to discuss your website requirements please get in touch with us here at The Bright Click on: 0208 614 3296

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